Giri Koi chap. 2 – “Because.. you’re a girl..”

Stalking obliviously~

Stalking obliviously~

After the long wait for’s scanlations, Giri Koi chapter 2 was finally released. The start of the fangirling is on~


So, looking back at the previous chapter.. Mao found Riku with another girl during the festival(who she thought was Riku’s girlfriend) so she, being the cliche girl being a first-timer on love, sees this as the heart-breaking moments. What does she do? Find ways to see if she’s really his girlfriend. How? Stalk of course. XD

She follows him even though she feels weird when she’s with him since the day of the festival, she just couldn’t help her rising hormones. Ah~ Young love? Blasphemy Anyways, because she’s not the ultimate stalking pro, she easily got noticed by Riku. She got invited to his house by the girl who she suspects as his girlfriend.

Mao notices that this girl knows almost much about Riku and compares herself to her. The girl even knows that his birthday is that day! How would you think she could beat that? When it was time to leave, Riku offered her an umbrella and she hesitated for a few moments and accepted but then again, her arousing feelings of jealousy gets the better of her and she decides to walk away without an umbrella.

Cliches at its best?

Cliches at its best?

Riku insists because Mao’s a GIRL. And yet again, feelings are something you cannot hide that long so she runs away. Riku tries to follow her but she quickens her pace and turns back saying that she loves him and leaving him alone in the rain.


I think, for the second chapter… it’s a really dramatic one, isn’t it? For me, it’s actually Mao’s fault why she’s feeling like that at the first place. I mean, it’s all her thinking that the girl’s Riku’s girlfriend without confirmation at all. I can’t blame her for thinking that though because Riku didn’t clarify things.

I actually think that the girl is just a relative of Riku’s because they kinda look familiar. It’s just a hunch but my senses are telling me so. Since this manga only has 1 volume, I think it would be resolved in the next chapter or so. Anyways, in my reception of the story.. it’s really focused on the first love thingy so of course, it would sound much of a cliche but then again, this story is done in a different way(hopefully).

For my own guilty assumptions, it’s kinda obvious that they two would end up together with just little twists in between like what has happened in this chapter.


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