Kitchen Princess chap. 39

Okay so, I come home from school being so depressed and it seems that I was given a gift from above. There isn’t much to do so I opened the computer and checked out the latest in the animanga life.

So here’s he first one I read when I went to mangafox, Kitchen Princess vol. 9 chap. 39 scanlated! So, it just proves that all the scans to be found here aren’t mine.

It wasn’t a surprise to me after reading volume 8 that the next chapter will start with Seiya’s confession to Najika being spread around like hotcakes. A confession that Daichi was able to stumble upon seeing(without them knowing),that is.

Even Akane knows this and she even asks Daichi if he knows about it. He, in turn, being also in love with Najika is in a foul mood and acts like he hasn’t heard it yet when he truth, he was one who actually witnessed it. Next scene shows Najika waiting for Daichi because she has prepared dinner to eat with him but maybe due to what has happened or something else, he canceled the dinner. But fortunately, something *ahem* someone mysteriously arrives with a tease. Guess who?

……………………………….Yup! It’s Seiya~

Just so you know, I’m sooo nawt a SeiyaxNajika shipper because I like Daijika[Daichi x Najika, whatever]. SPOILER Sincehe[duh, when I said he, I meant Daichi]isherflanceprinceafterall END OF SPOILER. I just find Seiya cute and considering how he looks like Sora, how come I never got to like Sora? Maybe it’s because he’s so NOT the badass(you get the point) type! Plus, I like him with Akane because, um… they just fit! This is the reason why I’d love to see the special chapter about Seiya and Akane. *sigh* I’m such a devastated fangirl.

Then, he says that the soup is cold so Najika needs to recook it and offers to eat with her. They go on talking and then Seiya baked cinnamon rolls and tells Najika that it symbolizes LOVE. Najika goes to a thought of naivety and Seiya brings her back to the reality when he seriously says that he likes her.

I know it’s really pointless of him to do that as Najika obviously likes Daichi. But whatever. He says, ‘When you eat good food, you smile’ just like what Najika’s flan prince had said and this makes her go into deep concentration thinking if what she thinks is true and what makes her confirm it, even though later it’s actually false, is when she tasted the flan that Seiya made which is just like her flan prince’s.

On the other hand, when Najika encounters Daichi in the hallways, it was funny that both of them were blushing. Najika tells him that she’s made a new dish that she wanted Daichi to especially taste first and so, Daichi agrees. And it seems that Najika’s really excited about it. (Daichi’s father saw it all) The next scene shows Daichi’s father talking to Kishi-san who told him that she’s inviting Seiya and Najika to a cooking competition/event and decides that Najika might still be useful. The way he said it and his expression makes me worry that he’s planning something again.

Apparently, there was a business meeting that Daichi has to attend to. He has greeted everyone and went to his dad to ask if he could leave early. Remember, he still has to meet Najika and taste her new dish! But then, he wasn’t allowed to because of the deal that he’d replace Sora and Sora follows exactly what their father tells him to do.

I wonder what happens next?


I think that were getting to the pre-climax of the main plot as false assumptions start to show up and twist and turns are now on the move! I liked the chapter, besides the facts that Daichi’s father is such a f’ckn idiot! He doesn’t even think of his own son’s feelings, right? It’s a good thing that not all fathers are like that. I could see deeper development on Najika realizing her feelings for Daichi when at the first few volumes it was 20-25% at constant accelaration, right now.. it’s increasing to 40%. But then again, Najika’s naivety is a hindrance that slows the pace of her feelings. I hope we could see more development. It’s really annoying when it takes too long for the heroine to realize her feelings for the hero but if you have cute drawings and interesting plots then why bother getting mad at it?

Chapter grade: 8.7/10


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