ToraDora ep. 14

This post was posted late. Episode 15 is already available in raw 😐

Due to what happened to the Cultural Festival, a rumor has been going on that the people that Taiga beat up and touched had received good luck  and now people are going all nuts wanting to touch Taiga in hopes of acquiring good luck. Ami and Minori has had developments on their relationship with Ryuuji and a love shape seems to form.

On the other hand, some hints on the Sumire and Yuusaku’s real connection with each other.


This is one reason why one needs to own a blog animanga related or not – to rant. Or.. just to fangirl? But who cares about why it is so.

At first my insight about the episode was, idioticall speaking, not on my level as to how ridiculous the rumors where. Good thing Ami-chan and I are team mates in not believing it!

What actually makes me ruminate about things in this episode is that how sad it is for someone to be able to ‘give happiness’ to others when that person can’t bring happiness to herself had it been said true.  This was actually also what Ryuuji was thinking about.

*ahem* In my opinion, I think all the focus about the romance at ToraDora officially starts here, considering Minori and Ami are both developing their relationship with Ryuuji. I feel that he also likes Taiga deep down besides Minori, . But then again, Taiga is still in her own confusion state as she still likes Yuusaku and even offering him to touch her just so that she could help him have his luck.

At the end, I decided that the episode was worthwile watching and hopinf that the next episode will say something about the revelations between Sumire and Yuusaku. Seriously, I really am so suspicious about them! I think either one of them likes the other or so but.. it’s kinda unreadable(on Sumire’s part)! I want confirmation…


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