Hitohira Koi ga Furu chap. 7 – “Ashiteru Haruru!”

And there goes an intersection of fate..

And there goes 'the' intersection of fate..

Another chapter of Hitohira na Koi ga Furu was released by Nagare-boshi Scanlations.

Do you know how much I waited for this? Lol. I’m happy that I got it now~ ;D After reading this one I felt a total cliffhanger. I wonder when chapter 8 will be released?


In this chapter, after the later happenings, Nagi decides to go to school with Haruru everyday. In this case, bring her to school since they have different schools. On the way to school, Sou sees the two of them and since he’s a rival I guess that made him go towards them and great Haruru saying ‘Harurun~’

A week has passed and the going to school together thing was routine but Haruru is consciencious about it because Nagi’s mother doesn’t know a thing about it and thinks that it might just make her even more mad than she is now at her. So, Haruru asks Nagi if they could stop going to school together and explains why. Reluctantly, Nagi agrees.

As fate would like to turn events out into something worth fangirling about, Haruru and Sou get to be partners in buying some materials and this turned into a date manipulated by our dear Sou-kun. Haruru goes completely clueless when Sou said something that made him accidentally ‘confess’ his love for her. Indirectly, though.

That's right. Now push Nagi out of the way!

That's right. Now push Nagi out of the way!

But when Haruru looked confused, he confirmed it and said that he really loves Haruru but is sad that she’s already taken and puts the issue aside(But of course, he still loves her). When they leave, they encounter Nagi and this other girl who she often sees going with him and you know whats the big deal? Haruru and Sou were holding hands! I’m sure some jealousy or indifference would develop.

<i>Now that's good! XD</i>

Now that's good! XD

As a result of the later events, Nagi calls Haruru to meet him and when she does. He asks for them to break up and at the same time, the 10 o’clock blue train passes by them. Haruru is in shock.


I am an undeniably a Sou x Haruru shipper and I by no way, liked Nagi with Haruru. So, I’m actually happy that Nagi wants to break up with Haruru already because in my opinion, he’s the total nawt to the perfect boyfriend material. For me, if Nagi really loves Haruru then he wouldn’t be afraid to face his mother. Right?

On the other hand, if it’s Haruru we’re talking about then she’d be totally depressed and I don’t want that to happen. Oh the next chapter should give me some confirmations! 😛


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