Maria Holic ep. 1 – “Kakkoi!”

You think shes cool. Well youre wrong cuz HEs cool.

You think she's cool. Well you're wrong cuz HE's cool.

This was the first thing I watched before opening up my anime log and I still haven’t logged it in. I’m such an idiot
The story is about a Kanako, who transfers to an all-girls school with the hopes of finding her destined partner. The problem? She isn’t exactly loooking men as she is ‘allergic’ to them and breaks out in hives whenever one touches her so she’s finding her destined yuri partner. She’s just your girl-loving tomboy right? Boring.
Well, not exactly because the fun just starts there. On her first day, she meets Maria Shidou. The first person whom she got to tell her secrets too and she got addicted/attached to because according to Kanako, she’s gorgeous.Oh that’s where you’re wrong dear~ Also, her maid Matsurika who actually called Kanako a female pig that’s as tall as the eiffel tower.
When she told Maria that her father and mother met in this school, she said that she also wanted to meet her destined partner. Then, Maria cuts her and says that all men in the school are old men so it wouldn’t exactly match. She tells her that she hates men and breaks out into hives when they touch her.
Without much reason at first, Maria kisses Kanako on the cheek much to her shock, and invites to take her a stroll around the campus and Kanako agrees. When Maria was gone, she discovers that she had hives.
mariaholic0101As events continue, Kanako meets a lot of cute girls around the school that makes her nosebleed, so much to her chagrin. One is Ryuuken-sama, a senior who she also took interest in and turned out to be her roommate. She’s very nice and she even offers Kanako a tour around the school campus because she’s new but Kanako didn’t accept the offer as she already agreed to go with Maria. This reminds her that she needs to find Maria at the Archery club’s room already.
mariaholic0102As she wondered about finding Maria around the so-called Archery Club practicing place, she stumbles upon meeting a member of the Archery Club who she also take interest too since she loves cute girls. She asked her where she could find Maria and the girl tells her that she’s still inside, maybe practicing. So, Kanako enters and goes around until she reaches a door where she hears a boy screaming and Matsurika’s voice. She opens the door and sees Matsurika helping Maria dress up. The irony? She finds out that Maria’s actually a boy!
Due to this, Ryuuken-sama gets kicked out of their room and Kanako’s not so amused that Maria moves in with her! The reason? To guard her and make sure that she doesn’t spill his secret. How will Kanako’s life be now?
I think that of all the Winter Anime Shows and the traps thing, Maria+Holic tops it all! I totally love this because there’s a lot of comedy that can’t make me help but laugh. I honestly think that Maria+Holic is also, partly romance and I believe, with all my faith that it might just work. If not, then poor me.
I like the animation but the backgrounds seems like a canvas painting to me. Other than that, the character designs were great. I also find it amusing as to how big the difference is between Maria’s voice as a male and as a female XD
As far as the characters go, you couldn’t really tell that this is the real yuri with exception of Kanako being a girl-lover. It’s funny how everything seems to revolve arround her but it is, at the same time annoying. I mean, she just got bullied by a bunch of boys back then and she develops a phobia? A phobia that causes hives? That may be possible but I don’t think it applies to real life. And then again, this is fiction. I just hope she realizes one day that he had found her destined one already. If not, then I really don’t know.

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