Toradora 15

*gasps* Kitamura? Good boy gone bad?

*gasps* Kitamura? Good boy gone bad?

So, this episode focuses on Kitamura’s dilemma about the Student Council thing. People notice that he’s troubled when they see him acting all spaced out and weird before homeroom and he kept saying something about the Student Council. When their homeroom teacher congratulates him for being a Student Council President elect, he breaks out in a havoc and declares to everyone that he doesn’t want to be the SC President.

The next day was a shock to everyone as Kitamura came to school with a brand new hair color – blonde. He thinks that by doing this, people would think of him lowly and wouldn’t vote him for SC President.

When asked to talk about his problem, he doesn’t respond much or directly as the real reason behind his doubt and indifference hasn’t been revealed yet.  Because of this, Taiga is even more hopeful of making Kitamura happy and tries to do so in many different ways but she always, though not shown but still obvious, fails.

She talks to Ryuuji about how she’s thinking that Kitamura actually wanted to be the SC President so much that he says he hates it just like how Minori did when she said she hated horrow when in fact, she loved it so much.

Taiga - SC President Candidate?

Taiga - SC President Candidate?

In hopes of helping Kitamura with him problem, Taiga runs for Student Council President. The world just started to rock and roll~
Oh God. I really am now so curious why Kitamura suddenly didn’t want to be the SC President. Maybe it’s because it’s something that reminds him of Sumire’s leaving the school? Oh was it something else that I couldn’t perceive of. Whatever the reason may be, I just hope it isn’t a ridiculous one. At least make it something many would quickly understand.
On the point of his hair, I dunno but I don’t see it as blonde. More like, yellow-ish green! To be honest, it doesn’t fit him at all. He should just go back being the geeky friend whose always serious about stuff..
About Taiga running for SC President all just to help Kitamura, I’m actually feeling dreadful about it. I mean, what does Taiga exactly know about being in the Student Council? Won’t it be hard to adjust? Well, love is something that can comprehend anything but it doesn’t seem that kind of love to me. There’s another one out there…

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