My Fall Anime Progress Report

I could say, I’ve been very busy this Fall since it’s the 3rd quarter already in our school gawd we have a lot of things to be busy, worried, enthusiastic about. So, I don’t usually have the time to watch some of the Fall Animes that I chose to watch for particular reasons. Well, no one can blame me for being busy right? And the Fall has a lot of great animes! *laughs*

Also, there’s been other stuff going on with me in my internet life and hectic ones in my personal life so I think they’d just add up to my stress.

So here’s my progress report on the Fall Anime

——————————-à More~

Currently Watching:

  • n The Fall Anime Series that I continued to watch despite the very tight schedule of mine. And I tell you, it used to be only one and the other was previously on-hold but now they’re both on my top watchlist.
  • n All currently watched are as of January 20, 2009
  • è ToraDora

By far, I consider this as ‘the best’ or if not, one of ‘the best’ Fall Animes 2008. I was actually encouraged to watch this series after I found out that Rie Kugimiya, one of my favorite tsundere girls seiyuu, was voicing the heroine.  I assumed that maybe this heroine would also be a tsundere character so I tried it and what did I get? Total enjoyment! Though there are times of seriousness, comedy is still there very much. And as you may have known, laughter is the best medicine for a busy day…!

Current episodes watched: 15

  • è Skip Beat

Lolz. At first I was lazy to check it out because I haven’t seen the manga yet due to illustration criticism. (I know, I’m a critic). Since a lot of people are crazily waiting for the anime, I decided to check out the manga and it was/is great! Although right now, I’m still at ch. 93 due to unending laziness. *sigh* Well, the anime was okay. It is very entertaining as Skip Beat is also comedy right? And with a motion picture, it’s even better!

Actually, Skip Beat was put on-hold in my MAL account until last Saturday when I decided to put it back to the currently watching list. The reason why I put it on-hold was because I ‘ve already read those parts of the manga and I, being as lazy as I am thought that maybe I can put it aside for the mean time. BUT temptation of watching it can’t be put back so yeah, I watched 6 episodes that I missed in 3 hours straight. Addicted much? Rofl. Lmao.

Current episodes watched:  14

On-Hold Series:

  • n Seriously, I haven’t got out of likeness to these animes because if I did, they’d be like, dropped from the start. There are some reasons why I put these on-hold other than being busy with school and other stuff. Well, you could add laziness to that. 😛
  • n As of January 20, 2009
  • è Kuroshitsuji

You know what? I frickin’ LOVE this anime. Maybe you’re wondering how come I put it on-hold when I like it so much. Well here’s it. I’m not blaming anyone on this because I know that the subbers have their own lives to live that’s why the release of the subs are quite slow. I mean, yes I could wait. I’m a patient person but I decided that maybe it’d be better if I just wait until there are already 5-6 releases until I watch it again.

On side note, I ❤ you Ciel Phantomhive!

Current Episodes Watched: 12

  • è Shugo Chara! Doki!

Just like Kuroshitsuji, I like this series too much that if I’m going watch it, I want to watch it one after another so, I decided to put it on-hold until I already have a few to watch because you know what? It’s Ikuto’s arc already! Kyaaaaa~ If I watch one episode of the Ikuto’s arc then I would be an impatient n00b who can’t wait for an episode. *laughs*

Current Episode Watched: 63

  • è Hakushaku to Yousei

Truthfully, I can’t think of any reason why I decided to put this on hold. I think it was because this was the first one I put on hold due to having a lot of animes to watch already. Sometimes the story gets boring BUT I still find it worth-watching because of Tamaki-sama *ahem* sorry, Edgar-sama, I mean~

Current Episode Watched: 3

[Imagine that! XDDD I’m too late with this and it already finished airing…]

  • è Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae

Just so you know, I’ve been stayed tuned with Jigoku Shoujo since the first season up to now and is collecting the manga. You could say that I’m a fan but not so avid. Mitsuganae’s plot have been getting so ridiculous but I don’t care much. The reason I put this on-hold is just like Shugo Chara Doki and Kuroshitsuji’s explaination also that I’ve been very lazy. :/

Current Episodes Watched: 7

Dropped Anime:

  • n Oh you do not, need to know this one… *tsk**tsk*
  • è Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka

You know what? At first I thought this was the best fall anime 2008 but then, when I read the ending, I got major disappointment. I mean, why put so much focus on Yuuhi when it’s Minato who ends up with Jun’ichi anyways? And I really hate incest when there’s a better rival. *smug look*

Episodes Watched: 10/12

[If I’m not on a foul mood, I could watch the remaining two episodes but I think it’d only disappoint me more….]


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