Maria Holic 02 – “Eh?! Koi?!”

Haha! I knew it! lawl.

Haha! I knew it! lawl.

The first day Kanako’s been waiting for! How would it turn out to be?

Kanako’s addiction to cute girls, which causes her to nosebleed is a biggie on this episode which I kind of find annoying but despite that, feelings start to branch out on the tree of love.

But then again, what’s irritating is that Kanako is a naive girl, while Mariya is just tortureful. *laughs*

Looking back, we know that because Kanako discovered Maria’s secret of being a cross-dressing boy, her roommate, Ishima Ryuuken was kicked out of their room and Maria became Kanako’s roommate.

Kanako’s first day at Ame no Kisaki, despite meeting new friends(aka. Kawaii shoujos), wasn’t exactly that successful. One, she wasn’t able to attend breakfast due to Maria causing her to have hives and second, almost experiencing a till-life-ends humiliation when her stomach growls during Maria’s speech at the auditorium! Maria always acts like the bad guy here but why does he always end up saving Kanako?

On the other hand, as Ryuuken was kicked out of her room, she begins to think of doing something that may have bothered Kanako. Kanako would’ve denied it but then Maria appears and tells her that yes, she did do something wrong. Because of her being so popular, the girls who wanted to go out with her(Ryuuken) is torturing the girls who gets close to Ryuuken. And weirdly, almost all of the things used in the torture were seafood-related. Of course, this made Ryuuken feel bad about things and Maria tells her to be so as it causes trouble to other people.

Kanako was disturbed about Maria’s actions that she asked him if what he did was really because of feeling insecure that Ryuuken was more popular than him and so on. Maria tries to deny this but was cut of when was asked about his relationship with Ayari Shiki. He tells her that he’s known her and been irritated by her since they were kids. When Kanako asks if she also knows that he’s a boy, Maria says that it isn’t her business at all. This, although in denial, causes Kanako’s chest to hurt because of what Maria said.


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