ToraDora ep. 16 – “Senpai! I love you!”

Shes rather cute in this expression, ne~?

She's rather cute in this expression, ne~?

On episode 15, Taiga decided to run for SCP in hopes that Kitamura will change his mind of not running for the position. This, according to Ryuuji and Taiga might change his mind as Taiga will seem to scare the people of her dictatorship as SCP. *haha* But then, it didn’t work out smoothly at all. So who else could change Kitamura’s mind? Sumire of course!

So the whole reason why Kitamura acted so weird was revealed in this episode. It turns out that the reason why he wanted to be the Student Council President was so he could make Sumire proud and then confess to her. Since it was revealed that Sumire would be going to America to be an astronaut, his hopes are down for being SCP as she wouldn’t be there to see him even if he becomes the SCP.

He also said that it was Sumire who gave him hope after a rejection from Taiga. That’s why he became a part of the SCP in the first place.

Even though he announced to the student population that he’ll help the school be better, he decided to give up and miss the 4 o’clock deadline of the submission of candidacy and tells Ryuuji about why he wanted to be SCP in the first place then said that he cannot step forward.

Sumire appears and shoves the form to him and tell him that he has to move forward and that she’ll be watching over him as the SCP.

When Kitamura was giving the speech of candidacy he confessed to Sumire but she doesn’t reply to him and this angers Taiga.

She decides to have a fight with her because she believes that she is a coward. Sumire says that if only she could be like Taiga who always takes a step forward then she would but she doesn’t want to act like an idiot or so.

The fight was interrupted by Ryuuji and as seconds go by, Kitamura arrives and tells Sumire that he is thankful to her.

On side note, a new arc is coming! And I think, this is something related to Minori and maybe her guilt of liking Ryuuji when Taiga, her best friend already likes him just as Ami wanted to say.

Also, in the end, shows Taiga in her room as she was suspended for two weeks, looking at a postcard. This postcard ended up to be sent to Sumire; when she received it, what was written there was “BAKA” and she laughed all her might.


Okay, I think I could explain this episode with one word, amazing. I just think that what had happened was something that really happens in real life when it comes to those issues, except for the immense fight between Taiga and Sumire because I don’t really think that happens in the real life all through out. Slapping is acceptable, right? For me, this arc had a nice closure and it also kind of, introduces a new arc that involves Minori and maybe Ami too? I guess it’s all related to liking Ryuuji and all…


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