Asu no Yoichi eps. 02-03

Catching up on Asu no Yoichi, I guess it’s acceptable for me to say that if it turns out that there will be a main pairing in this one then it’d be Yoichi and Ibuki. It’s been obvious like, forever.

Okay whatever, so in this episode Yoichi actually goes to school! What I just don’t get is that how come they don’t buy him normal clothes to wear? That’s just the point in me. It’s really weird to see someone like that even in your own school ! Unless they have a perfectly good reason of doing so.

He encounters Washizu for the second time and because of W’s wrong thoughts about him, he(Washizu) challenges Yoichi in to a battle which Yoichi obviously won. Through this, we see how both Ibuki and Ayame start to think even highly of Yoichi and his skills.

**In addition to that, we have confirmed in this episode that Ayame does, in fact like Yoichi and is very confused as her rival would be her older sister whom she can never surpass!

On the third episode, a new character in the name of Tsubame Tsubasa appears. She was ordered to defeat Karasuma Yoichi who is now in the city in order to revive their Tsubame Tenryu Ryouge. In truth, the reason why she accepted it was so that she could live a life of a normal teenager girl.

She’s always being deprived of things that are considered as ‘normal’ by her servant Angela that she knows almost close to nothing about the city and city life. Against her will, she was forced by Angela to attack Yoichi but eventually, because of Yoichi’s wisdom, Angela was able to change her mindset and follow what Tsubasa wants to do.


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