A New Beginning to a Random’s life~

Isn’t that just fun? Well you could say that again! You see, FirelyLights is a hopefully better reincarnation of Simply Me, my old animanga/novel blog. I assure you that this one would be a lot better than that one. I know that because  there are some changes in my blogging interests.

  • I wouldn’t only be blogging about animanga/novel. I’d be blogging about almost… everything! [that interests me, of course] Random blogging [based on interest] can be what you can call it *laughs*
  • Maybe I’d go with the commentary system too to make things likeable.
  • Should I make this public? I just really wanted a personal randomness blog… But then I wanted to have a blogroll too…

LMAO. I’m so confused right now but I really hope that everything goes fine with this Randomness blog of mine.

*Just a quick note, my cousin will also be one of the authors here under the name, Mikane.

And you know what? The literal meaning of the phrase in the header is ‘Light and Firefly‘ but I felt like lightandfirefly.wordpress.com is not so good to look at. *hehe*


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