ToraDora 17 – My lovely holidays~

I believe that Santa will not visit naughty kids like you~!

Yup! I know that Santa visits the good kids~♪

Whoever said that it’s too late to celebrate christmas? No one did. Plus, it’s the start of the new arc!

I have nothing much to say about this episode except that since it’s Taiga’s favorite holiday, she’s being extra adorable and I like it. Just the way she should be~ But still a kickass girl of course!


It’s Christmas season at ToraDora and everyone’s busy thinking of preparations for the upcoming Christmas Party, but before that, they have to face the terrors of the exams.

After being indirectly rejected by Sumire, Kitamura has become the love prophet of the school and because his classmates are feeling sorry for him, they decide to pair him up with Taiga since Taiga does like him; for now.

As always, there’d be the other side of the triangle. Maya Kihara, the girl who has a crush on Kitamura, tells Ryuuji that she notices how he feels for Taiga and tell him that she totally support him.

On the other hand, Minori is still having her issues and have been avoiding Ryuuji for a while now due to the so-called guilt of  I guess, “liking the guy your bestfriend like”, issues.


Unlike other episodes in some series that start on a new arc, this episode was actually entertaining. What specifically is entertaining? Taiga’s attitude in this episode of course!

Im the donut angel~♥

I'm the donut angel~♥

No seriously, don’t you feel like that too? Taiga’s been extra cute now! Awwws~ my cuteness meter is rising! *giggles* And you know what I found super funny about this episode? Well, obviously, it’s Haruto’s pervy dream. XD

Please come in~♥♪

Please come in~♥♪

Oh come on! This doesn’t even look like a Christmas Party to me! It’s more like a host club or even worst *haha. I’m sure you know what I mean by now?* But you know, I wonder what happens when Christmas parties are like this? *laughs*

…plus this one!

Please take care of me~

Please take care of me~

No kidding. It doesn’t seem to me as what it wants to interpret. Taiga is just like a cute chibi that cannot wear her own clothes properly. It doesn’t suit her but it’s Haruto! His pervyness is out of question!

OH WAIT! There’s something worth LOLing than that one! And you know what it is….?

Inko-chan, of course! Look at this one:

How to Cook a Good Turkey

Title on the Book Says: How to Cook a Good Turkey


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