Clannad ~After Story~ 17 – Chibi Nagisa?

Isnt that just so cute...?

Isn't that just so cute...?

It’s a little sad in this episode as to how Tomoya acts like a complete sober and most of the time can’t even understand what Ushio feels. But it isn’t as sad as last week’s episode and what are you going to love in this episode?

Chibi Nagisa!(or Ushio if you’d like to call her that)


After Nagisa’s death, Tomoya’s life has been under misery that he drowns himself into his job and to cigarette having a routine of eating, working and sleeping everyday. He’s always having thoughts that meeting Nagisa was all a mistake.

One day, Sanae invites Tomoya for a trip with everyone and does not stop pestering him until he gave up. The next day, he arrives at the Furukawa house receiving a note that Sanae and Akio went somewhere and leaves everything to him. Everything means Ushio.

So, he and Ushio spent the day together with Tomoya almost being a snob unless he really needs to do something for Ushio. He’s in thought that he doesn’t know much about his own child and wasn’t even there during her early childhood because he entrusted her to Sanae and Akio.

Ushio keeps on telling Tomoya that she wants to go on a trip but Tomoya insists that they can’t because Sanae and Akio aren’t at home. For lunch, Tomoya prepared Fried Rice but Ushio didn’t like it because of the pepper. Instead, she just asked for plain rice and put Furikake on it and proceeded in eating.

The next day, Tomoya asks Ushio if she wants to go to a trip and of course, she says yes. In truth, Tomoya has no idea where they are going or trying to go.


I feel the so-wrong atmosphere between Tomoya and Ushio’s relationship and maybe it’s because Tomoya wasn’t much of an affectionate and caring father to Ushio.

It’s stupid that since Nagisa died he’s been acting such a sober that he doesn’t even think about his child and even thinks that everything that had happened was a mistake. What a careless dude.


But then I still felt some strings in my heart being pulled as Tomoya wasn’t exactly that careless because he still helped Ushio in some times. I felt that it would be better if he learns to spend time with her.


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