Mikane-chu is here`

If only I looked like this XD

That’s right! I’m FireflyLights’ new authoress, Mikane-chu. My real name is Akane Mizuno and I’m a used-to-be distant relative of Kitari-chan until I moved along with their family to SE Asia.

Doesn’t my name sound slightly familiar? Well, you see Kitari pointed out to me once that my name was like an irony or combination of Akane’s first name and Seiya’s surname[Both are characters from Kitchen Princess].

Since Kitari is doing coverage on anime and novels, I might as well join in with that too BUT my real motive is to post about mangas and anything related to them. I’m not fluent in Japanese but I used to live in Japan so I can order phonebook mangas from there. Too bad we don’t have a scanner here. *sigh*

That’s pretty much it! 😀

EDIT by Kirapika: In addition to that, Akane-chan will be doing editorials based on anything animanga/novel/interest related. *hehe*


1 Response to “Mikane-chu is here`”

  1. 1 kirapika February 9, 2009 at 2:48 pm

    LOL. I’m amused at how you even dared to say that! Pfft. Akane, you are sooooo superficial.

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