Catching Up on My Weekly Animes – 01

Wow, it’s been a while, like, 2 weeks since I watched these shows that I’m now blogging. It’s mainly because I’ve been so busy with school and some personal things but now that I have time, I decided to post.

Hopefully it won’t be that long because I think it’s just mainly gonna be blurbs and some caps.

Asu no Yoichi ep. 4

So basically, this episode is more about Chihaya and her hobby of drawing manga. It was pretty amazing as how she was able to manipulate things. But then again, her hobby/work is always looked down on and people wonder why she should be serious about drawing manga and 3 guys even torned her manga drafts. Yoichi gave them a good lesson that one has their own likes and dislikes and things that they are serious on blah blah blah…

This was actually was made the episode at least interesting to me. Both Ibuki and Ayame got shocked when Chihaya held hands with Yoichi and to cover it up, became mad at Yoichi and said that he shouldn’t do something ecchi to Chihaya. All I could conclude to this is jealousy and more hints on Ibuki x Yoichi shipping.

I also just watched episode 5 but I wanted to have a separate post for it XD.

Maria+Holic eps. 4-5

Episode 4

Following the last event that happened in episode 3, Ryuuken has vowed to protect Kanako and because of that, she’s been following her everywhere she goes but whatever she tries to do, the outcome becomes the opposite. Because she’s being so close to Kanako, her fans are envious of Kanako and hating her more.

It’s come to the point where she found it troublesome already and Kiri-san, in order to stop Ryuuken from following Kanako, said that she and Kanako were dating and Ryuuken was being a nuisance to them.

–> Right now, that I see it in actual animation, I’m really being weirded out by Kiri-san. It seems that she’s out of this world and just because someone tells her to take care of someone she actually takes it worse than literally! If I know someone like that I’m gonna freak out.

Episode 5

No matter how much Kanako tries to befriend Kiri-san, she doesn’t succeed in her goal. I just don’t see the point, maybe it’s because Kanako is attached to Kiri-san because of her yuri-loving antics but it’s sort of ridiculous already BUT STILL. I like the humor in this show so I’m gonna watch it till the end. The fact that Kanako was elected classpres was cool~


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