Megane Ouji – Licensed!

On February 7, 2009, Anime News Network reported on Del Rey‘s new licensed works and it includes Megane Ouji! It’s great news to those who like this series; that includes kitari-chan and I. 8DD

Megane Ouji is a manga series done by MIZUKAMI Wataru which started on year 2007 and is still ongoing right now in Kodansha’s Nakayoshi Lovely. It’s currently being scanlated by and is still unknown whether they will drop this series because of the licensing.

The story’s summary from Nagare-boshi is:

The day Sachiko confesses her love to Masuda-senpai is the day she discovers that she’ll be living with him from now on! After being rejected, how will Sachi deal with living with Masuda-senpai? Not to mention his double personality!

Sadly, the report shows that it’s name might be translated from Megane Ouji to ‘Four-Eyed Prince’.


Woot! Another manga off of my Licensed-list~  I am glad that Del Rey has chosen to license this one but then again, I think I have at least 2 problems about it namely:

  • T_T Why the heck is it going to be named ‘Four-Eyed Prince?!’ I mean, that isn’t exactly the english translation for ‘Megane Ouji’ right? Being part-japanese, I at least know that Megane (メガネ) translate to ‘glasses’ and yeah, Ouji (王子) is ‘prince’. I know, Four-Eyed Prince, based on MangaUpdates was one of the english names that was given to that but couldn’t they just have chosen ‘Glasses Prince’?
  • When will this be released? I’m not being impatient because as far as I know, I can wait. What slightly bothers me is that it takes quite a while; they could have said so maybe 1 or 2 months before the release right? Look at Orange Planet; Del Rey announced its being licensed months ago and the first volume’s not yet out.

Despite the flaws, I can wait even for years (well, I dunno.) just to get this manga. I love Del Rey too because it has my fave series in it. XDDD




Hohoho. I’m intruding your post! >:D I don’t know how excited you are, couz but I could say that I’m twice as excited in getting this manga so I just have to agree with everything you said there. I just wished that Del Rey picked my most fave stories for licensing too. *sigh*

And yeah, Shojo Beat is my fave and Del Rey just tops second.


2 Responses to “Megane Ouji – Licensed!”

  1. 1 ashita February 8, 2009 at 11:38 am

    Is that so? I see. (laughs) I can’t believe that it is going to be licensed!

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