Asu no Yoichi 5 – Great rabu-rabu improvement?

Doesnt he look better in normal clothes?

Doesn't he look better in normal clothes?❀

Most probably, a show like this would go straight to the so-not-planning-to-watch list(if it exists) because I don’t like animes that are focused mostly on fanservice and the like. BUT aside from others, I actually can’t stop watching this show.

I know we’re just somewhere near the real plot development but that’s not what I’m attracted about Asu no Yoichi but it’s the romance. You see, I’m a romanCHU freak. No pun intended.

Of all the current episodes of Asu no Yoichi that I have watched, I guess calling this my favorite would be an overstatement but you’d agree with me if you watch the episode already, too.

But anyways, I think episode 6 will be to look forward too as I think the plot is starting to show itself. haha.


Yoichi was asked to a date by a kouhai(underclassmen) named, Hinagata Yui; a girl who is also considered as an idol like Ibuki. Since he was raised and lived int he mountains for 17 years, he knows nothing about a date and even thought that it was a form of challenged.

Oho~ It doesnt look to me like inviting someone for a practice date....

Oho~ It doesn't look to me like inviting someone for a practice date....

Ibuki, being a thoughtful friend she is, decided to help him by asking him out on a practice date so that if he does go out with Hinagata, he would at least know the basics and not be as clueless as he is now. The other boys in their class were now very envious of Yoichi. *laughs* Now what would Wa-san look like when he sees that?

They end up going to the mall and doing various stuff together without knowing that Chihaya and Kagome, later Ayame too were observing them. A while ago, Ibuki was looking at stuffed toys and walked away thinking that she may have acted a bit childish(though, in the end, Yoichi bought it for her).

Because of their craziness at the way back, Ibuki falls in the fountain and Yoichi, wanting to save her ended up being on top of her.  Later that afternoon, Yoichi meets Yui and tells her that in the end, he cannot go on a date with her because he believe that a date is something that lovers do. Unexpectedly, it turns out that Yui is part of another fighting style clan that was hired to target Yoichi.

At the ending, Yoichi says that maybe being in-love wasn’t really meant for fighters like him BUT Ibuki undeniably and without thinking said that what he said isn’t exactly true. Add in the blushing and all.


I really, really, really, LIKED this episode! There’s a lot of development in Yoichi and Ibuki’s relationship in this episode because it’s a date but I guessed I got what I wanted.

*gasps* Hyper-ventilation mode, anyone?

Nevermind everything that had happened in between, what made me like this episode so much(so far) is the ending part. Here I start my caps:

And I bet that’s you?♥♪

Despite liking the YoichixIbuki shipping, I like Ayame better than Ibuki in a person basis. I know Ibuki’s like a perfect sister, student and whatever compared to Ayame but that even made me like her even more.

Cant you see the tsuntsun in there~?

Can't you see the tsuntsun in there~?


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