Asu no Yoichi 06-07: I see a new ship-ping~♪

Ahhh~ Young Love..? ♥♪

I can never seem to make a decent and serious post when it comes to this series. tsk.tsk. To be honest, I only watch this show for the romanchu moments between the characters and I don’t care about the plot anymore, it just seems too nonsense for me. I mean, god can’t they just understand that this guy is trying to live out a normal life? Ughh. So annoying.

Nonetheless, in these two episodes, I found a new shipping! Probably, this my favorite shipping in Asu no Yoichi because as much as I like IbukixYoichi, it’s just to ecchi. Judging by the image I guess you know who those two are in my shipping right? Masashi and Kagome!♥

There were a lot of their moments in episode 07 and despite the unending PHAIL of Yoichi and his harem, I enjoyed the episode.

PS. I really pity Ayame on this. *laughs*


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