Clannad ~After Story~ 18-19 : “Papa!♥”

Father and Daugther Bonding!~♪

The former of these two episodes was a real tear-jerker for me. I mean, because of all the things that had happened between Tomoya and Ushio; I can’t help but cry buckets in front of my desktop!

Episode 19 just made me a little teary on the part of Tomoya’s dad.

Episode 18

Despite all those teary events in episode 18, I liked it when the two of them had a trip. It was so fun to see and Tomoya meeting his grandma and realizing what his father has sacrificed for him was, on my part, a good thing. You should really learn to appreciate things your parents have done for you.

It’s great that Tomoya is starting to realize his job as Ushio’s father and I’m so happy everytime Ushio calls him “Papa!♥” Doesn’t others think so too? I cried 2nd most when Ushio really wanted to find the robot toy that Tomoya gave her with the reason that it was the first one that her Daddy gave her. At that time I was shivering with sadness and happiness at the same time. I can feel the pain Ushio must’ve felt when her father was away…

The thing in episode 18 that triggered most of my tears was when Ushio cried on her father’s shoulders and she asked himif she could do so right? Because Sanae told her that there are only two places where she’s allowed to cry: the bathroom and her father’s shoulders.

Episode 19

This episode was so nostalgic. I mean, Fuuko has returned! Lolz. She hugged Ushio like crazy! It’s nice to see her back and do you know who Ushio’s teacher is? It’s Kyou! Heehee.

What made me a little teary-eyed in this episode was when Tomoya finally met his father after so long with Ushio. This scene was a very dramatic one and duhh teary one. I wasn’t able to speak after that. I’m glad that Tomoya had finally the guts to face his father again and ask forgiveness for what he has done. What I liked about this is when his father left, there was this light. I could guess that the light is a symbol of happiness in Tomoya’s heart.


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