Maria Holic Licensed! But wait! It’s Tokyopop…?

Source: ANN

Oh Yey! Maria Holic is one of my current favorites in the manga category so I’m glad that it’s going to be licensed in english.I can finally collect Maria Holic?

I guess so, my only little problem is what company will be licensing it which is… TOKYOPOP.

..this might sound like a rant to you so don’t get too much affected.

Truth behold, I have nothing much against tokyopop being it’s english license holder because it’s great that among other manga series, they chose Maria Holic. Really Wonderful. I couldn’t say that I really don’t approve much of Tokyopop’s manga genre/story taste because as far as I know, most of the mangas(that are licensed) that I like are NOT from tokyopop. Only a few series do I have with them being the english publishers.

It’s like, mostly shounen or other things like thand I know I shouldn’t and can’t complain because Tokyopop was built for every and not just for me. So, being selfish isn’t a matter of choice in this situation.

Anyways, let’s get to the point, I just think that Tokyopop licenses a lot of manga and in the end, would end up either dropping it OR putting it on hold. This, is a great disappointment on part of those who can’t buy japanese tankobons. PLUS, in my opinion, the mangas I like are the ones ending up mostly in the on-hold list. An example is Nosatsu Junkie. This was one hell of a manga series that most of us shoujo lovers love!

And look what’s left on the currents list, a lot of f’ckin nonsense mangas. [This I say in a form of opinion 😀]

Well, I guess on the other side there are still some good things about tokyopop…

Oh and, should I say that the first thing I like about them is their COVER ART/DESIGN? OMG, I like, freakin’ love them! So creative, right? From the dull and boring covers from the original tankobon they can transform it to something concrete yet abstract. Oh and the color, ugh the colors! Why are they such a match?

Anyways, right now the only series I’m awaiting for in 2009 Tokyopop’s releases is Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Heehee. I just luvv the cover of it, totally amazing! I am just so looking forward to it! It could be a nice gift for my cousin, Kitari whose birthday happens to land two days after the US release. Haha. >:D

*Don’t worry Tokyopop, you can still improve and have more space in my heart!


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