Arisa chap. 1 – I wanna be like Arisa-chan~!

Kyaaaa~ After my wait I’ve finally gotten to read Arisa chapter 1! I was really looking forward to this one. And judging by the first chapter, Natsumi Ando-sensei, you’re just too awesome!

Well, of course she is! She’s also one of the makers of Kitchen Princess and Zodiac P.I.


Tsubasa (the blond one) and Arisa are twins who were separated three years ago because of their parent’s separation. All along they were secretly sending each other letters about their lives. Now, they plan to meet again after so long.

When they met, Arisa suggested that Tsubasa act as her for the next day at Arisa’s school since they were twins. On the said day, Tsubasa saw how nice and cheerful Arisa’s everyday life seemed to be, cute girl friends, a kind boyfriend(Midori-kun) and having lots of people around her. Also, she can make other people change like Manabe-kun.

Looking at her shoe locker, she found a letter addressed to Arisa and decided to show it to her later. On her way home, it is shown that people are looking at her with hatred or envy.

When she got home, Arisa asked her how her day was and Tsubasa said that it was so much fun that she wanted to be like Arisa. On the turn of events, Arisa’s gloom was shown and she committed suicide. Tsubasa doesn’t know why but her only lead into this situation was a letter calling Arisa a traitor.


Having a sister is so nice. I wish I had one; though I prefer an older sister. :] All I could think about the ending was, “Is this a suspense thingy or something?” I didn’t expect that there would be a death in this story. And Arisa, no less!

I admit, Tsubasa is prettier than Arisa in my opinion. Plus, I like her attitude, though it may be scary to others, it just goes to show how cool she really is. And she’s not some bitch who steals other’s boyfriends type.

This I gotta reveal to you, I’m a romance freak. That’s why I was wondering also if there’s going to be romance in here. Considering what happened to Arisa, it’s all Tsubasa now isn’t it? Well, that is, unless Arisa manages to survive that fall which I doubt `cuz that’s so high up.

If so, I want her to end up with Manabe-kun. See? I’m a bad-boy lover. Midori-kun is cool and all but he so isn’t my taste. Ahhh~ I could see Love Berrish again and again with this trio. Lolz.

It’s an opposite to the the blacks always gets the girl than the blonde in shoujo mangas like Kitchen Princess, Gakuen Alice and Shugo Chara(if you consider Ikkun as dark haired :P).

All in all, I like this chapter and can’t wait for more! :))


2 Responses to “Arisa chap. 1 – I wanna be like Arisa-chan~!”

  1. 1 kirapika April 11, 2009 at 4:24 am

    Seems like your shipping hopes are going to go down with the 3 chapter. 😛

  2. 2 evil2heart June 15, 2009 at 4:32 am

    Hey! I saw that youve read the Manga Arisa isnt it nice?! Reply back in my Blog :] (its fun to talk with someone who has the same interest with you, doesnt it?)

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