Hidarite no Love Letter – Story 01

Title(English): Left Hand Love Letter

Author/Artist: Chiba Kozue

Story: Main Story

Okay.. I was in the mood to post about a manga one-shot because this one’s just sooo cute. Cliche, yes but total cuteness! A must read! Oh and, this is just the main story of Hidarite and not yet including the other chapters which have no relation to the main story.  SPOILERS beware. *winks*


Nishino likes Minami, the guy who sits beside her in class, even though they haven’t talked to each other because compared to her, Minami is a very popular guy. It was when he saw her writing on her left hand that he started talking to her too. Using what else? His lefthand of course! Through this, they start to talk to each other freely without distracting their class whose teacher is very percise with class manners.

One day, when she was drawing during art class, Minami approached her and complimented her drawing. He then puts paint on her face when she says that she’s boring and she’s better than drawing than talking. He tells her that her smiling face is cute.

In the turn of events, Minami’s friends come to them and asks him what he’s doing there with Nishino. Before he can respond, one of them asks her if she by any chance liked Minami. Minami defends her by saying that they shouldn’t be rude to her. Embarrassed, she suddenly blurted out that she doesn’t like him when in truth, she really really likes him. This of course caused some distance between them. They no longer talked to each other and they(mostly Minami) like complete strangers.

When once she burried her head on her shoulders, Minami drew a ring on her ring finger. She was startled noticed the ring which shocked her saying that it was just a joke. When she looked at Minami he said that it wasn’t a joke and that he’s really been interested on her from the start.

With tears falling out of her eyes, she told him that she just lied and that she likes him very much in front of the class. Not minding the reaction they got from the class, Minami just laughs. In the end, we see them cuddling with each other.


CUTE right?

CUTE right?

I really like Chiba Kozue’s works because her story is not-so cliche and has unique characteristics in it. PLUS, she has really great artwork!

Though to be honest, I found it ridiculous for them to write on their hands/arms but in the way Chiba Kozue portrayed it, I found it as simply adorable. It would be better if this story was a series but I guess it’s better of like that. The closure was great!

Even though this is one of her earlier works, no doubt this one gets an A- rating from me.


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