Weekly Manga: March 08-10♪

Did you know that almost all the mangas I have read made me go doki-doki?♥

Did you know that almost all the mangas I have read made me go doki-doki?♥

These days some of my favorite mangas have been updated and I couldn’t help to post my fangirling, rants and blurbs about them. Ain’t that just so fun? Anyways, perhaps you already know how much of a romance-freak I am and all. If you’ll be asking why I’ve only read this now the reason is, I’m not fluent in Japanese so I just read the scanlations. LOL.

Anyways, let’s continue..?

This list isn’t exactly complete. It’s either I want to make a separate post about it because it’s too awesome or because even if I liked it, I’m being lazy and all. Maaa.

ARISA ch. 2

ARISA ch. 2 by Natsumi Ando


OMG. Why is it that when I read a chapter of ARISA, my mind goes berserk for all the suspense going on yet my heart’s all doki-doki because I’m hoping for romance between the characters? I’m pretty crazy. *laughs*

So it’s good news that Arisa isn’t dead yet but she won’t wake up yet because of her mental condition of not wanting to wake up. Due to this, Tsubasa disguises as Tsubasa to find out the mystery about the letter calling Arisa a traitor. Her number one suspect is Arisa’s class but when she goes there again, things seem so normal. That is, only until the Friday’s Fourth Period starte; the so-called ‘King’ time. What’s with King that all of the students in 2B are hyped up about? What will happen to Tsubasa now?

Chapter 3 is really what I couldn’t wait for to be released. Great job for Natsumi Ando-sensei. Really a suspense thriller. With a dash of romance, perhaps?

Fly High ch. 2

Fly High ch. 2 by: Natsumi Oouchi

Fly High!

I’m shipping confused. *hands-down* I like both Ayusawa and Ruka, no arguement about that but I can’t seem to choose who would fit Meru better. In most cases, the girl ends up with the bad guy type and long but then.. I like Ruka too. *cries of confusion* Anyways, I feel really bad for Meru in this chapter. *sigh*

Winning the Student Council President’s seat, Meru has been sided to by almost everyone but when they see Ayusawa’s strenght and Kasumi’s influence and this other guy’s intelligence, they all side up to that gang! Poor Meru. All hope’s left now is Ruka-kun but what is this? He’s joined Ayusawa?! What will happen to our dear Meru now? Or does Ruka have other schemes on joining the gang?

OMG. I didn’t know that Ruka-kun was that smart! Then again, that isn’t that point, I’m confused.. Why did he join Ayusawa’s gang? I have a hunch that it isn’t because he is afraid of Ayusawa and his gang. Perhaps it’s a plot to protect Meru too? Ughh. My mind can’t stop thinking about the possibilities. Well, all I could do now is wait for ch. 3 and see what’ll happen. (or ask Akane about it when she gets the volume. lol)

Momo ch. 7 br by: Sakai Mayu

Momo ch. 7 by: Sakai Mayu


Seriously, I’m so pissed of with this chapter that I don’t even think I would last a minute typing about it. But since this is blogging, I’d put out all my rants in it.

Yume discovers that Miyuu has the bracelet but she wouldn’t give it to her until she explains. Yume tells her that it was because of Momo and protecting the earth. When asked if she wanted to switch places with her instead, yume agrees! (ughhh) What will happen now to Yume?

Okay it’s obvious that I am not in a good mood for a summary and all I want now is a reassurance from ch. 8. *sigh* Miyuu is a f’ckn bitch. She thinks she’s all high and that but god she isnt so! All she wanted was to have Nanagi but it’s plain obvious that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with Miyuu.

All I liked about this chapter was when Nanagi tried to stop Yume from leaving by grabing her shoulder. Ahh~ That was such a doki-doki moment and it interpreted to me a lot of things. Lest, I’m not yet giving up!

Giri Koi ch, 3 by: Yamada Daisy

Giri Koi ch. 3 by: Yamada Daisy

Giri Koi

Love can really find it’s way through a maze and we again prove that with Giri Koi ch. 3. These two’s fate is so intertwined that nothing’s just a mere conincidence. It always makes me go kyaaa~ and stuff. Riku is just so amazing. No matter how many times Mao tries to ignore him, they always end up getting stuck together.

You know what? I think these two should just be straightforward with their feelings. Why? It’s so obvious that both of them have mutual understanding with one another, right?

Anyhow, have you guys seen that kiss? I looks like a brush on the lips to me but heck a kiss is still a kiss right? omg.omg.omg.

Mou.. now it makes me wonder what’ll happen next in ch. 4. HAHAS.

PS: Have you seen Yamada Daisy’s new series? Is it any good? I wanna try and read it. lol.

…and I read Modotte Mamotte Lolipop too but as you can see, I don’t have much to say since I’m getting bored with it. Though I still follow it. :> Also, I read chapters of 2 manga series that I’m really going to be following from now on! >:D

Have anyone noticed that the manga series above were scanlated by two groups only? Hehe. Namely, Nagareboshi and Starry Heaven.


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