High School Musical by Asabuki Mari and Disney :|

High School Musical [Manga Adapatation]

Story by: Disney ; Artwork by Asabuki Mari

Yes, it’s the manga version. At first I was shocked to hear that it would be getting a manga adaption, no less by Asabuki Mari(mangaka of Badminton Girl). I admit, I watched the movies(all 3 of them) and was at least satisfied. BUT I still really can’t get over the fact as to why this just had to be adapted to manga. I mean, there are other movies which you can turn into manga but why this?

Anyways, if you’re wondering how I managed to read it, it’s because I had a new friend(yes, a foreigner) who had this and she lent me this. haha. I’m lucky, ain’t I?

Mehh. Whatever. The artwork wasn’t so appealing. In a sense that they almost do not look like the original characters of the story. And look at Chad(it’s Chad right?)’s hair! I mean, wth?!  If you are going to ask what part of the movie is this then I tell you, it’s more like High School Musical 3 only. Well, duhh isn’t it obvious in the cover? *I admit at first it was not for me*

To me, it was failure but it did have some good parts in it too.. I think? I’m surprised to see one of Mari Asabuki’s works like this. Well, it isn’t her fault that she can’t exactly copy the faces of the characters but only their stereotypes.


4 Responses to “High School Musical by Asabuki Mari and Disney :|”

  1. 1 kelakagandy March 31, 2009 at 2:48 pm

    So basically, it wasn’t quite as bad as it looks? Cuz I lol’ed when I saw this on the Ribon site. xD

  2. 2 kirapika April 1, 2009 at 2:52 am

    I’ve seen this too! :))
    (answers instead of mikane >D)

    If you’ll ask me, it’s not really as bad as it looks but it’s not exactly that great. I mean, yes, it’s really LOL-worthy but you can survive. XDD

  3. 3 Rin May 27, 2009 at 3:50 am

    i personally hate high school musical(one of the worst disney movies ever!(not that disney makes any good movies anyway)). but a manga adaption of all things!? how else could they ruin it? i personally hate mangas that aren’t placed in japan(those are usually the best romance shoujo mangas). i still can’t believe they would do something so horrible as to make a manga of that crappy movie!

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