Skip Beat 24 Rants

Ogawa-san is so darn funny! (Hes sooo like Kyoko.)

Ogata-san is so darn funny! (He's sooo like Kyoko.)

 So.. it’s episode 24 already.. right? And as far as I know we’re just at Ren’s realization of his love for Kyoko (doh. it’s obviously implied in the show). And what’s next week’s episode? That’s right, it’s the LAST EPISODE. And what does that bring us to? An obvious anime-original ending, of course. Mehhh.

As far as experience with other not-yet-ended manga series that are adapted into anime, anime-original endings are onesided and leaves to the viewer what’ll happen next. Meaning, it’s just going to get normal in the end. I just hope that Skip Beat won’t turn out that way.

I mean, gosh were in the 24th episode yet it’s still in the stage of confusion as Ren hasn’t fully regained his composure. The only positive thing that happened in this episode that Ren’s slowly realizing his ‘love’ for Kyoko. That’s great news but with all the other things left unsolved, how do you think a romantic ending could fit in 25 mins of the show? It’d be a miracle if they’d be a ble to pull that off but I doubt it. There really should be a second season. 

Here I go again about shoujo series getting a second season. Hopes are always down..

Anyhow, do you think we’ll be satisfied with the ending considering the flaws the series has already? I think not but I hope I will. I think the problem here is that the beginning was so slow-paced and took up chapter by chapter and now they’re trying to squeeze up 2-3(or more) chapters in an episode or so. Pshh. How disappointing.

And to think that I really wanted to see a lot of manga happenings be animated. *Sigh* [plans to make a separate post on that ^^]

Thoughts (on the episode):

– Ogata is such a sissy. :I

– Ren is cute when he blushes.

– Despite all the drama, Skip Beat can’t help but be  hilarious at the same time.

– I cannot believe that Ren was THIS clueless in love. Gosh.

– I am honestly afraid of what will happen in the last episode. :<


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