Weekly Manga~♪ -Oneshots- (Part 1)

'I'll catch you when you fall' much?

'I'll catch you when you fall' much?

Lately, the mangas I’ve been reading are oneshots. I dunno why but it feels better that way. Plus, these oneshots I’ve read for this week were totally amazing and it makes me go doki-doki.♥

Part two will be posted sooner or later. Maybe tomorrow? Oh and it’ll be much longer

Itazura Ouji by Shiiba Nana

In this we see a rich playboy, Sai fall in love for real with our heroine, Mayuri. I think that the story’s really cute, like Shiiba Nana’s other oneshots. What caught me here is that it’s one of those where the guy’s a rich boy and the girl’s an average person and they fall in love. In most cases their financial status gets in the way right? Also a bit on this one. Mayuri’s dad works for Sai’s dad and has asked Mayuri to accompany Sai and all. They’re adventure of promises and all were really heart-warming. One is on Sai’s birthday, when Mayuri promised that she would go. She did go but got embarrassed because the other guests were all dressed so formally and elegantly while she, she only wore normal clothes. She went to the park swings and Sai found her there.  Another is when he promised to meet her. Even though it was raining and his car broke, he went home walking just to meet up with Mayuri. You know what? In the end, it was funny when Mayuri thought that they were leaving for Nagoya (meaning she can’t see Sai anymore) because of her dad’s job. What they failed to tell her was that while her father’s working in Nagoya, she’s going to stay with Sai’s family. Isn’t that just one of the craziest things ever? Well, it’s a favor for them. What’s more is that it turns out, hooking them up was all Sai’s father’s deeds. lol.

*I also read Shiiba Nana’s Houkago Kiss but it didn’t seem so review worthy for me. I liked it but not so much…

Darling  Only You! by Seizuki Madoka

Oh here’s another story that seems so unreal but yet it makes you giggle with it’s cuteness.

Yuzuki loves her brother but she got broken hearted when he brought his girlfriend home. While walking at the streets she bumps into a guy who looks exactly like her older brother! Is her infatuation to this guy just because he looks like her brother or is it something else?

Gosh! Brother Complex? I have nothing against it but yeah.. there should be limits to things. Anyways, I enjoyed this series mostly because Atsushi is so cool and all BUT that’s not it, the drama is what craves me to read it again. It’s a good thing Yuzuki realized in the end how much she really loved Atsushi for who HE IS and not because he looks like her brother.

On the other hand, it was rather funny to see Yuzuki’s brother going all tears because of the thing between Yuzuki and Atsushi. It seems so that he has a sister complex too. lol. At first I thought Yuzuki was really annoying because she only fell in love(or whatever) with Atsushi because he looks like her brother. Not a good reason at all I tell you! Emp.

Zenbu Shiritai by Makita Nao

You know what, this series is so amazing that I almost fell out of my chair when I found out that this was Makita Nao’s FC debut! *faints* Anyways, if you want to have a good manga to read here’s Zenbu Shiritai for you~ Plus, it’s not actually one story only but it’s a series of oneshots that’ll make your heart flutter. ;D

This book contains 5 stories. One is about a girl who wants to know everything about her boyfriend and at the same time can’t spare to anyone know that she’s stalking her boyfriend.  More importantly, because of her boyfriend’s attitude, she’s getting even more infatuated! What will she do now? Will her boyfriend accept the real her?

Second is a rather funny one. It’s about a girl who’s so shy and not so social that she practices her people skills(mostly love skills) on a skeleton in there science lab. She gets discovered by a guy who seems to want to say it to everyone but she discovers a secret of his own. So she asks him to accompany her and teach her about socializing with others. How will their meetings develop from simply because of blackmail to love..?

The third was the cutest (for me :P)~! It’s about a girl who’s constantly being dumped by guys for another girl. Her desperation and frustration events wants her to commit suicide! When she does try to do so, a guy stops her and tells her that she shouldn’t waste her life for a guy. He tells her that he’s going to help her find the best guy in the world. As time goes by, will she finally realize that the ‘best guy in the world’ is just in front of her~?

Fourth, and probably the second cutest was about a girl who dreams of seeing the fireworks during the summer festival with the person she loves but she hasn’t found that certain someone yet! In accordance to that, he friend comes back and introduces her to his friend. She quickly fell for his friend! Why is it that this friend seems to like her best friend? Will she be able to find love again?

The fifth is about a girl who finds a guy in her class shining among the rest, even though she finds out that he’s working in their convenience store, in his work clothes! He isn’t that good with girls and in her shock, she finds out that he never had a girlfriend! She constantly will visit the convenience store to visit and talk to him. Though h er feelings start to rise out, what will happen after the guy received a confession from another girl?

Thoughts: Reading oneshots can ease the mind, you know that? They’re light read so I mostly prefer them and the best thing is, I don’t have to wait! Although fast-paced stories are not exactly my type, it just really depend on the way it’s portrayed by the mangaka for me.

All the stories up there were good and I love them! Part 2’s going to have even better ones, I tell you.. 🙂


3 Responses to “Weekly Manga~♪ -Oneshots- (Part 1)”

  1. 1 SkyLilies May 8, 2009 at 10:44 am

    Where did you download these from? I love shoujo one-shots to bits, so much better than silly romance novels..

    • 2 kirapika May 8, 2009 at 10:52 am

      Actually, I read them all at mangafox.com. Just search for their titles and you’ll find them ^__^

      Well, shoujo-oneshots are really cute even though they’re short but not all romance novels are silly :3

  2. 3 les-chan May 11, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    uhm, i like shiiba nana’s oneshots
    but i can’t find her santa claus panic! manga…
    is there another name for that manga or what??
    i don’t know if its good but a friend of mine recommended it…
    (though she forgot to tell me where to find it)…help?

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