Skip Beat 25 – “It’s the ending right…?”

You know, things like that are better said than be thought. :PP

You know, things like that are better said than be thought. :PP

FINALLY, a 25 episode Fall Anime that I actually got to finish!

Okay… so tell me, is this really the end of Skip Beat? It seemed to me like a cliffhanger waiting for another episode. I’m disappointed that it turned out the way I feared it would – a unconcluded ending. It was a meer, “Let’s see what awaits me/us in the future!” ending. >:| Isn’t that just soooo annoying? But heck, we still have the manga right? 😀

Seriously, the only thing that I found amusing here is Yashiro-san and his antics. I don’t think it’s right for me to complain but I just have to because this kind of ending never satisfies anyone, i tell you. Now be prepared for my rants..

Skip Beat started out very good and I assume you all feel the same.. but towards the end, things get squishy and too messy. At one point it was like this and in another it was like that.. :[


A summary.. let’s see..

Mainly, Ren is still so troubled about his role AND his true feeling for who you know. After watching the TV show that showed a couple with 19 yrs difference I think he at least got some reassurance there BUT he’s still hesitant to admit it.

*blah**blah* [cuts summarizing other events]

In the end, like I said, it was just like a beginning of a new chapter in their lives. How fun. 😐


It’s really hard for me to accept that the anime is over. Yes, it solved all the minor problems that the characters faced in the series YET it wasn’t able to clearly able to answer this one question(which I know was implementedly answered in the manga), Does Ren really have feelings for Kyoko?


It’s obvious that he does but we never the premonition that he himself admits it. Because when it comes to this issue, Kyoko always appears in his thoughts. Right?

Also, what happened in Sho again? He was just showed at the ending getting mad about something.. does that really say anything to you?

But anyways…

sb2504Despite Yashiro-san’s fugly hairstyle, he’s pretty funny! LOL. When he gets so excited about Ren and Kyoko, it makes him seem like a desperate fanboy. 😛


2 Responses to “Skip Beat 25 – “It’s the ending right…?””

  1. 1 FuyuMaiden March 31, 2009 at 2:04 am

    The “end” part only took up like a few minutes out of the entire episode too. It really didn’t have a conclusion at all. Just some narration by Kyoko with random clips of people from the series. Sigh~

    I can’t even talk about the good parts of the episode because I’m disappointed that we don’t even get just enough to finish the arc.

  2. 2 kirapika March 31, 2009 at 2:34 am

    You’re right. It’s tad disappointing. *sigh*

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