American Idol Season 8: Top 10

American Idol Season 8: Top 10

American Idol Season 8: Top 10

That’s right, Kirapika(Kitari) is watching American Idol. (I’m a fan you know :PP)

Here’s what I think about the contestants(my favorites) and what I want to say to them if I get a chance to.

I can dream, can’t I?

So yeah, things get harder every week in the lives of our future american idols through this though competition. Heck, that’s not what matters now. 😛

Let’s just mind the ones I like, pretty pwease? :>

Okay let’s start with my two favorite guys and at the same time, bets. (or pambato as they call it in Filipino):

First off here’s Kris Allen and Adam Lambert . You know what’s so good about them? It’s not only their looks but they both have talent. Isn’t that just what the American Idol is about? Talent. By far, they have one of the best vocals that I’ve heard. (Okay, maybe there’s objective criticisms in here but hey, it’s easy to prove me right, right?).

To Kris Allen: Stay as cool as you are, I like it . You have a great voice duude, aiming to be the next David Archuleta (he’s mine!)..?

To Adam Lambert: People say you’re gay, so what? You have the talent, the potential and I like that about you. Oh and seriously, you’d be better of as a guy. :PP

What I just said was what I really think. It’s not bad to be honest right? At least I’m ain’t badmouthing them. I’m practically praising them. 😀

You know, it seems really amazing how these two can pull of their performances. I mean, they’re just good. Paula and Kara surely agrees with that. With Adam? Simon called his Motown performance as The Best among the rest. Imagine how he felt when he heard that! (And he got standing ovation from Smokey Robinson!

For the other guys that I also like, here’s what I got to say:

Scott MacIntyre: I have to say, you are good! Despite the handicap, you were able to prove to us that you really love singing and the piano. I wonder when I’ll see you perform without the piano, perhaps~? *laughs*

Anoop Desai: Anooooooooop! LOL.

With my two favorite girls… I actually couldn’t call them favorite because.. meh, are there other choices? But yeah, these two showed what they got as an idol. 😀

Yep, it’s Megan Joy and Allison Iraheta. I don’t know if it’s their star-quality that amazes me or their voices but everything’s fine with the both of them. Actually, anyone who’s anyone that gets included to the Top 10 of American Idol can be considered a good singer! But yeah, there are just times when the star-quality and fandom gets to be a hindrance.These two are no exceptions. Not that I want to criticize them but hey, their beautiful and have a lot of fans who vote for them.

To Megan Joy: Gosh girl, you’re beautiful and you have many fans but don’t always count unto that because you never know… You have potential but lately, you’re performances get a bit draggy. Well, there’s always time for improvement right? So Gambatte(Good luck!)!

To Allison Iraheta: Wow, 16 year old and your already in the American Idol’s Top 10?! We are so proud of you! And god I love your hair! (ish envious~ >:3) You have great voice, just keep up the good job!

Are you wondering why Lil Rounds ain’t in my faves? Well, it’s not that I don’t like her because she’s not up there. You know,  she has a really great voice too but yeah, she’s just not my favorite. But still,  Go girl, you can do it!


2 Responses to “American Idol Season 8: Top 10”

  1. 1 kanzeon March 31, 2009 at 3:43 pm

    First: Hmm Pambato huh? Girl, you’re filipino?? (in shock to find out that many flpns are currently doing anime blogging now). Pleased to meet you ^^!!!~

    Second: OMG yay! An anime blogger that watches A.I as well *hugz*

    OMG Kris is so adorable. Though I still can’t picture him being this season’s winner, he still remains the cutest guy in this batch. Adam though.. yeah lol well he’s gay, but I agree with you that what matter is talent (still in awe after his INCREDIBLE Motown performance…)

    And Megan, I adore her singing style and quirkiness!!! She’s so pretty too! And my absolute favorite of the femmes is Allison. Really amazing. I hate the fact that many people compare her to Charice Pempengco (please, they’re both amazing yet different and nothing to be compared of *screams at the haters*). And another girl I also like was Alexis Grace, but too bad she’s eliminated T_T.

  2. 2 kirapika April 1, 2009 at 3:27 am

    That’s right, I’m Filipino 😀 Actually, I’m also part Spanish but meh I consider myself a full-pledged Filipino. xD

    Lol. American Idol is just so great, isn’t it?

    God, KRIS. His looks are top-notch and yeah, if you would compare him to Adam(I really love his Motown performance like you do) in point of performance and talent, I’d choose Adam. But whatever happens, Kris is just too cool. :”>

    She’s pretty right? Megan is great but just like you, my fave girl is Allison. I love her hair >D Pssh. Charice Pempengco? There’s not a thing that’s similar in them, it’s just that they both have great voices..

    Yeah! Alexis! Oh how unfortunate of her to be eliminated.. T^T I really like her too. It’s too bad it’s mostly because of the text votes.. *sigh*

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