Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei 01 – “魔法のブリーフ”

See, this is exactly why you got murdered a lot of times :|

See, this is exactly why you got murdered a lot of times 😐

So I decided to watch Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei today because I was bored.  I didn’t want to watch it yet because there’s not enough episodes yet but I got tempted to watch it. I didn’t expect the first episode to be so unviolent. I guess Higurashi is just like that, tame at first but very vicious as time goes on.

This episode was full of lulz and was a bit perverted because the show was magical briefs.. yes, magical briefs. :O

Isn’t that just so ridiculous? XDD Well, at least it was full of comedy! If you find the theme disturbing and decide to not watch it well this I tell you, “You’ve made the wrong decision!” Haha. It’s hard for me not to like this even when I’m sometimes creeped out of all the killings and suspense that’s happening here to the point that I almost stopped watching. I thank my bestie for insisting that I shouldn’t.

hnnknr0102-copy hnnknr01041

hnnknr0103 higurashinonakukoronirei


The gang goes out for a swim and Keiichi woke up late causing him to fret. While vigorously biking towards the location only to discover that he forgot to bring his briefs! It’s a good thing that Mion’s uncle was there and offered him the ‘magical briefs’. At first he was reluctant but he changed his mind when he found out that Mion was planning to make him wear the duck briefs. Mion’s uncle told him that these briefs have magical powers that can make the wearer (and who’s name is written at the back) a girl magnet after 3 hours of wearing the briefs. So, he agreed and even put his name on the brief.

When he got there, he saw Rika, Mion, Rena and Satoko in their swimsuits and as the pervert he is can’t help but fantasize about them. When they were in the slide, Mion’s uncle called her and told her his mistake. It turns out, the person who’s name is put on the magical brief will be liked by the one wearing the magical brief! What now? Keiichi will turn in a narcicist who’s addicted to himself?! What Mion and the gang needed to do was to make him take it off but he doesn’t believe them and run away from them. With the help of other minor characters who are also at the resort, they were able to make him remove it. Of course, the lulz and the LOLs are never absent!


So.. that was one heck of an episode right? It was soooo funny! 😀 I wonder what shinanigans the group gets into in the next episode. At least this episode made me calm from all the stress I get from various stuff.

All I seem to be distracted in this episode is the repeated screentime of Keiichi’s u-know-what. :”> And gosh, Rena is sooooo addicted! When I saw her react when they all saw Keiichi’s u-know-what, what she said was “Ooohh Keiichi-kun’s sea bear kawaii~♥” I was like, o.O And yey for Hanyuu~♪ (too bad I didn’t get a screencap of her *sigh*)

Rika’s “Nipah~” was tad adorable too! I’m glad to see that this episode ain’t got no bloody violence like the previous Higurashi episodes where you see actual killing suspense…


2 Responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei 01 – “魔法のブリーフ””

  1. 1 so0s March 31, 2009 at 11:15 am

    that anime is coooooool

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