On finishing Maria†Holic…


So after 12 episodes of dramatic nosebleeds from Kanako, Maria Holic has indeed ended. I temporarily stopped watching Maria Holic back on episode 9 because of a busy schedule and now I was able to finish watching the series. I was greatly disappointed though.

Well, I still have the manga to await for. 😀

mah01 mah02

mah03 mah04

It was as if there was nothing resolved in the end. It was still about a pervert of a lesbian and a very sadistic trap. At first we thought,’Ooh, this two’s going to hook up at the end’ or something like ‘Lesbian? Watch her turn into a lady’ But noooo. The end? It’s Kanako squirting blood in the pool because of seeing Shizu’s bust.

A lot better, it would be if they at least tried to not make every episode a repeated(but different version) of Kanako’s perverted fantasies about women. I don’t think it should be something over repeated because it’s very annoying. Oh and Mariya? What use has he done other than humiliate Kanako and make her day worse? Despite being great and all to others and sometimes helping her too. Yes, we got the main point of the plot (by the looks of it) but they should’ve dug deeper into the story and try to make something interesting out of it.

It’s really unrealistic to think that Kanako can spurt out a lot of blood like that. 😛 It’s still funny though, no matter how annoying it does seem.  And Mariya! Isn’t he just so adorable? Compare him to Kanako and I’d definitely choose him no matter what~ He and Shizu are so adorable!

mhsc01 mhsc02

mhsc03 mhsc04

About the minor characters, I think that the show wouldn’t be complete without them. They make up for all the shinanigans that Kanako gets into and aren’t they just all so likeable? Yuzuru and Sachi are characters that I have no comment on. They did their job being a good friend to Kanako. It’s funny how Yuzuru always ends up saying bad things to Kanako even though it’s obvious that she doesn’t mean it or know what she’s saying.

On Kiri and Ryuuken, I find both of them very mysterious. I mean, Kiri, is so secretive about things but I’m glad that she starts to warm up with everyone. To Ryuuken, knight in shining armor much? You seem like a lesbo too but you’re sometimes great and it’s acceptable. I like all of you anyways. ;D

Honoka and Ayari were our two tsunderes in the show! It’s very amusing to see both of them act so calm and collected but they get so deredere in the end. These kind of girls are amusing to watch, you know? I guess it was a shame that we didn’t get to see them much even though they somewhat (by at least 10%) became bad girls.


And, GOD was the best! She’s just so scary and cute at the same time right? Well, her personality is ❤ I dunno if you could call that Yandere or just plain mixed personality or vibe but wth, it’s cool eitherways. Her with Yonakuni-san is a scene that I’m always LOL’ed when watching. It’s soooo adorable~ (with a mix of getting creeped out but yeahh, it’s all fine. ) 🙂

And she always gets the last word in everyone she talks too. Her sarcasm is great to the fullest! She’s my idol! (joke~)

mh01 mh02

mh03 mh04

Despite that, I still enjoyed Maria Holic very much because of all the comedy in it. xD Here are the things that I find exclusively funny and LOL-worthy in Maria Holic and I’m sure you’ll agree:

  • Kanako nosebleeding when she fantasizes.
  • Kanako going 70s.
  • GOD when she threats and acts scary
  • Mariya torturing Kanako
  • That creature in Kanako’s bag
  • ..and what else?

Well, at least I know that even though I forgot the other funny things, there’s a lot of that in Maria Holic! It was fun while it lasted~♪


5 Responses to “On finishing Maria†Holic…”

  1. 1 kelakagandy April 1, 2009 at 2:02 pm

    My favorite is how animeseason.com says the last episode’s full title is “A Swimming Meet Full of Pretty Girls, and There will be Nip-slips too” xD Even though I don’t think that last part is really in there…

  2. 2 kirapika April 2, 2009 at 7:23 am

    Lol XD But the last part is true! (of course it was shown directly but you get the point :D)

    Maria Holic can be so funny. XDDD

  3. 3 kelakagandy April 2, 2009 at 3:10 pm

    lol, I meant it wasn’t in the real title, but at the time I didn’t expect it to be in the episode either. But it totally was. xD I’m not sure if it could be described as a nip slip though…it was more of a pull… xD

  4. 4 Ou-bento April 2, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    I started watching this because the premise seemed really amusing, but when nothing changed after a couple episodes, I gave up. I wish that there was a lot more character development…

  5. 5 kirapika April 2, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    @kelakagandy Ooh. I see. I see. XD Well, you could never expect less for an anime like Maria Holic. xD Yeah, it’s merely a slip but more of a pull, just like what you said.

    @Ou-bento Aww that’s too bad. You should have given it some more chance, because even though there wasn’t much character development(that’s primarily what I hated in the series D<), it’s very comedic! 😀
    I couldn’t blame you though, it gets really annoying to watch things like these once in a while.. ;D

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