Kitchen Princess vol. 9 – So, is he the one?

9780345510266Kitchen Princess vol. 9

Story by: Miyuki Kobayashi | Art by: Natsumi Ando

So I finally got outside to my local bookstore, and buy some manga with the discount that I get for being a local customer. I actually bought only 2 mangas because 1. I’m broke and 2. I was in a hurry buying. But anyways, I got to read the volume later this day and I could say, this volume was a little less gloomy than the 8th. It had it’s good sides and of course,  the bad sides.

*For those who haven’t read this series, this is highly recommended!


Najika thinks that she’s found her true flan prince in the identity of Seiya Mizuno. BUT WAIT. What’s with Daichi’s forgotten, now remembered, past that haunts him into realizing things that he should’ve realize before? And just what does this past have to do with Najika?


This volume was rather confusing and shocking, if I were in Najika’s place. I’d be so confused on who my flan prince will be. Back to being myself, I just don’t get it sometimes. How could she have the guts to venture out just to find the person she fell in love with because this person saved her?

I guess that’s what’s shoujo mangas are about. And in this shoujo manga, it just get’s better with the twists. Actually, to tell the truth, the volume was pretty amusing to read because a lot of things get clarified. I especially like it when Akane and Seiya bicker with each other. They just made for each other~ (lol. I just let my fangirling get the better of me :P)

Anyways, I was really pissed off at the end though. Najika finally realizes that she likes Daichi. [Remember, Daichi liked her for so long now!] But when she confessed to him, he rejected her. Why? It’s because of Sora.

It seems really irritating at first look but I now understand what’s with Daichi right now. He loves Najika but Sora loves her too. He feels that he can’t only be the one to be happy after finding out the truth that they’ve been hiding from him. But I’m sure Sora wishes for them to be happy right? Remember back in volume 6 where Sora tells Najika to be happy if she finds the real flan prince?

Anyways, all of this will be confirmed on volume 10 so let’s watch out for that. ;D


4 Responses to “Kitchen Princess vol. 9 – So, is he the one?”

  1. 1 FuyuMaiden April 3, 2009 at 2:04 am

    I actually just read this. What a coincidence!

    *sigh* It really is just a bit irritating that Daichi rejected Najika though. Not because I blame him, but because we have to wait to find out what the resolution is going to be. That’s the tough part.

    I mean, you figure on the happy ending resolution and all of that, but it still feels difficult to wait just the same. (Oh well, off to find other manga to distract me in the meantime)

    Oh yeah and Akane and Seiya. I latched onto that pairing right away. (how I love shoujo where the rejected boy and girl make their own couple for a completely happy ending.)

  2. 2 kirapika April 3, 2009 at 5:52 am

    Really? 😀 I’m happy that people are starting to read this one too.

    According to some spoilers (I’m such a spoil-freak), things get resolved especially because of Daichi’s past that he now knew of. If you want something to read,, try ARISA by Natsumi Ando. 😉

    Oh yes~ Akane and Seiya is so fit right? *fangirls*

  3. 3 Zoe April 14, 2009 at 7:43 pm

    I kind of disagree. I think Najika and Seiya would make an awesome couple, but I can’t figure out if he is sort of using her to his advantage or if he really loves her. It seems like “Instant Love”…kind of sudden, right?

    Also I was frustrated by Daichi rejecting her, especially as he likes Najika and she likes him. And also, didn’t Sora’s spirit say it was okay for the two to like each other/get together?! But it just makes him all the more sweet for me (and I wonder, for Najika also?) that he rejected her feelings because his brother loved her.

    Although Akane and Seiya might also make a good couple…and I feel bad for Akane because she liked Daichi so much. But they wouldn’t have made a good couple, I’m pretty sure. Akane seemed extremely possessive of him from the beginning.

    I absolutely love this manga and wish it were more well-known. But… I also wish I loved manga that was more popular (such as Naruto, InuYasha, Fruits Basket or the sort…but I kind of have a thing where I don’t like reading anything rated OT)

  4. 4 kirapika April 15, 2009 at 2:01 am

    I don’t know why but since I didn’t like Sora and Najika together, I can’t seem to accept Najika and Seiya. Well, that’s probably because I like Seiya with Akane better But like you said, there’s this odd connection between them.

    Yeah, it was pretty disappointing too of what Daichi did but I couldn’t blame him. I mean, your brother whom you’ve always hated for the wrong thing, and is now dead then you’ll be the lover of the one he loves? I guess he just can’t move on yet with his recent discoveries.

    Meh. Shoujo mangas always comes second to shounen in the industry. It’s just that shounen fans overpower the shoujo fans. Kinda lame to say it but that’s the truth. See how not so many shoujo mangas/ genred games are adapted to anime?

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