Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei 02 – Everything is.. different…


From the first episode being so normal, the second episode is where the suspense starts in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei.

There’s nothing scary in this episode compared to the other episodes of the Higurashi series were you can see murder and violence but in this particular episode, everything became different just because of one accident. The next episode’s not going to be aired until May though. *sigh* At least it gives me more time for other things. 😀

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The gang was biking on the road while remembering Keiichi’s incidental exposure of his u-know-what at the resort in Okinomiya. While they are doing so, Rika decided to speed up(just like doing a race) ahead of everyone. When Satoko told her that she should slow down because there was a truck, she didn’t believe her and so, she was hit by the truck.

When she woke up, she found herself at a clinic with their teacher, Satoko and Satoshi?! Why was he there? What’s happening? The teacher explained to her that she got unconcious when she was hit by a ball by Satoko. Since this wasn’tthe cause that she knew of, she starts to be more conscious of what’s around her, speculating everything only to find out that she’s in a world far to different from what she knew of. A lot of things she knew that existed, didn’t in that world. That includes Irie, Takano and Maebara Keiichi. Even the Hinamizawa Syndrome didn’t exist! What could be exactly happening to her.. and what’s the purpose?


When she was brought to the  doctor’s office, she finds out about this and that Satoshi’s disapperance didn’t happen at all.

After the class, Mion approached her and she thought that it was about club activities. Mion said that if she wanted to join her club and it’s fine but they won’t be able to do the club activities (which is going home together) because Rika’s house was opposite theirs. Rena says that it should be fine. Mion says that if she insists then it would be fine too but she can’t make it that day because she has to do errands for her uncle at Okinomiya.

When she talked to Rena, in this world called Reina because she didn’t have to change her name because there was no divorce between her parents in which she was blamed for causing her to mourn and change her name; she found out that the events that happened in the world she knew of didn’t happen here, for instances are:


  • Satoko and her father are in good terms with each other.
  • She and Satoko are not close to each other.
  • Reina(Rena)’s parents are not divorced.
  • The dam war didn’t happen.
  • The city will soon be submerged in water because the Dam project wasn’t rejected.
  • It was her father(Rika’s father) that told everyone that as long as they built a new shrine and remember Oyashiro-sama, nothing will happen to them.

Knowing all these, Rika got even more confused as what has happened to her and the world she once knew of.


This was a pretty good episode. Why, you ask? Well, it’s mainly because it portrayed to well how Rika ventures out to this indifferent world that she stumbled upon. It’s pretty sad on Rika’s part thought, being all confused and all. I think there’s a reason why these happened and I think we’re going to find out about that on the next episode. What’s surprising in this episode for me, are all the differences from their real to this world. I mean, it was as if things were completely different and there was peace. Not that peace was a bad thing, as I’ve said.

I really find Rika’s voice and way of talking so lovely and when she does the ‘Mi~’ before she says something. Even with her serious tone(complete with the eye effect) is so attracting. Lolz.

What’s the thing I missed that I saw in this episode? Rena’s scary face! 😛 Scary faces like that always give a tinge of suspense and I love suspense!


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