First Impressions – K-On!

You know, I just had to use this pic 😉

Here it is, my first Spring Anime! Big big sorry if this doesn’t look like a First Impression. *bows* This one’s not actually on my guaranteed list because the plot didn’t get me that interested therefore it was put on the Cute and Watching list.  Well, what do you expect? MOE.

My mind completely chaged after watching the episode. I just couldn’t care less about the plot. Yeah, it’s a show about 4 girls who makes a club about music.. yadda.. yadda.. yadda. So what? Throw in MOE, KyoAni, the bass and especially music and surely I’m in for that! *laugh* Actually the plot is nice too but it’s too bland.

For viewers who are on the mature and serious side, they might not like K-On! and most likely be irritated to it because (this I base from the manga) sometimes things just get to nothing. Random crap as they say but really, it’s what they think no arguement about that. So far I think this one’s so darn cute.

I was really excited to watch this too. It’s so great that after Clannad ~After Story~, KyoAni gives us another great episode of MOE win. You could say that I find moe entertaining (especially when the animation/artstyle is so darn cute) but most of the time, I couldn’t help but be irritated by it. Try this for one:

Oh and it’s not that I dislike Yui for this but sometimes a heroine that’s an airhead gets so annoying. Though it’s cute to watch her go chibi (yey! chibi ftw~) as she goes moe. Anyways, it’s not a big deal though. So expected from KyoAni.

OP: [Cagayake! GIRLS]

The OP wasn’t as catchy and amazing as the ED (because the ED >>>>>>> OP) but it was nice and lively too. I liked the way it sounded because it was like doing an introduction by the tone of the voices. The lyrics seemed pointless though. But it’s fine.

Through the OP you would see lots of pictures of the girls together doing various stuff like discussing in the music room, biking, taking pictures and etc. but I most specially liked this scene in the OP:

Isn’t that part just so cute? All of them together and all? And how I love Mio’s reaction~!

To sum it all up, the OP was fun and it did it’s best even though to me it’s not actually the best.


Ohhh~ How excited I am for this part. The Characters! I should say, all the characters are very interesting when you look at it. Though some might get annoyed by one character’s personality, it’s pretty much okay and cool. Just what you need for a good and lively show.

It’s our heroine, Yui! A girl who’s pretty excited for being in highschool but doesn’t even know what club to join. A dojikko and totally moe. Wow I just sounded so negative there! No worries, I don’t dislike Yui just because of that and because she’s like a Nagisa clone, I can’t help but find her adorable! Also she reminds me of the other great MOE girls.

About character design.. out of all the girls, I think her’s is second to Mio’s cool and collected design. (Long black-haired girls ftw! is talking about self XD )

I agree that she’s sort of annoying BUT she deserves a second chance, especially now that she’s animated. Lol. It’s funny how straightforward she is but I guess that’s just how it is. One of her best traits for me is that she’s soooo MOE. Okay, I lied, that’s actually what I kind of get irritated to. What I really like about her is her tendency to be so… cheerful. Isn’t it?

MIIIOOOOOOOOO! Here’s the one who’s probably going to be my favorite of all the girls. Actually, she already is my fave! She’s just too cool and she’s sometimes tsundere to right? How I love tsunderes! She’s not annoying at all and she’s really amusing to watch. And yeah, like I said.. I like her character design most. (Though most of all would say that they like Yui’s, I’m different XD)

And addition to that, she’s playing the BASS. It’s like my favorite instrument, even though I know only a few about playing it.

Her cool and collected attitude is her most positive attribute and it makes her so good. She’s almost perfect. Smart, beautiful and knows how to play an instrument! *continues to ramble on how much she likes Mio~*

Oh and I totally love Mio’s shocked (or however you call that) expression ;D

See~? And lol at Ritsu when she ripped that application form!

It’s our resident lively girl – Ritsu! I really, really, really adore how lively she is, don’t you? She’s like the optimistic and playful girl in every shoujo anime. (though this is seinen xD).

I guess it’s pretty cool that she plays the drums and has such a big dream of performing a band. Her character design’s cool too with the exception that she has long bangs that if I were her, I’d be pissed to the core of itching. (My bangs aren’t that long for the reason)

She’s really funny too isn’t she? In the outside she looks like the careless girl who gets the strangest ideas but you shouldn’t judge her that easily because she’s got potential to be great(for me, that is).

It’s our keyboard-playing ojou-sama! Yup, it’s none other than Tsumugi or Mugi for short. She looks great and all but there’s this one thing that bothers me (a lot) about her. Can you guess what it is?

Her eyebrows! I was like, Wow, how thick for eyebrows…. She’d be a lot better if her eyebrows will be thinner. You know, in the scene were she eats at a fast food for the first time, it really gives you the impression that ojou-samas are really sophisticated to the point that they’d be brought up so well.

ED [Don’t say “Lazy”]

This has got to be one of the coolest EDs that I’ve heard this year. I love all of their outfits in there. And Mio’s reactions to the viewer? Priceless!

I think that the song was so catchy that the first time I heard it(I listened to it before watching the episode itself XDD) , the melody got so stucked to my head that even when I was away for vacation, I would occasionaly hum the tune.

Don’t say you are LAZY
But you’re actually CRAZY.~~♪

Those are the lines that I love so much and can’t get out of my head. rofl. Here’s my fave part in the ED:

See her expression? So priceless! It’s one of the best, i tell you! The song helps along too. 😛 Out of everyone, and this isn’t biased, I love her outfit. Though you wouldn’t see me where that thing. lmao.

To sum things up on K-On!, I just can’t wait for what the next episode’s going to bring us~


1 Response to “First Impressions – K-On!”

  1. 1 thezean April 17, 2009 at 2:15 am

    Those are my thoughts exactly. There is too much moe-overload that it causes two different reactions. Number one is utter irritation, surely too much moe can aggrevate someone too, at least. Number two is pure love to the series(mostly the fanboy?)

    It’s actually my most prioritized anime this spring.

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