[manga] ARISA chap. 3

ARISA chapter 3
by Natsumi Ando

Just gotten a hang of reading ARISA chap. 3 released by Nagare-boshi manga. It was a pretty suspenseful chapter considering how many discoveries Tsubasa has found out while pretending to be Arisa. You’re in for a thrilling chapter where you can find clues on your mysteries with this series.

Oooh and I tell you, there’s really shipping possibilities in here! >3<

On side note, ARISA vol. 1 will be released this April! Too bad it’s only in Japan. I really hope that one day this will get licensed. Preferrably DelReyManga? Anyways..


It’s fourth period, King time. Tsubasa(pretending as Arisa) doesn’t know what it is and tries to ask Arisa’s best friend but she tells her to keep quiet in a violent way. Arisa’s boyfriend tells her to make her wish too.

It comes to her senses that all of them are making their wishes to this so called, ‘King’. After the last 10 seconds, one wish will be granted by the King. What was chosen was, “Please get rid of Todoroki-sensei.” Of course, this makes Tsubasa scared if this wish will truly be granted.

Perveted Jerk. :|

Perveted Jerk. 😐

During P.E. time, she discovers that this Todoroki-sensei is just a perverted teacher. He even touched her butt! If I were her I’d totally kick his shin! Perverted teachers are no-nos! She then asks her classmates why they let this happen to them. Their response is for her not to worry because King will definitely handle him for them. Again, this makes Tsubasa even more suspicious.

The next day, their teacher tells them that their PE period will be a Free Period because Todoroki-sensei is absent and there was no trace of him. When the teacher went out of the room, every cheered for the King. Aside from Tsubasa, there was another student, Nakagawa Shiori who said that maybe the King overdid it and stuff. Everyone looked at her with those blank eyes so she took back what she said.

Marika(meh. I forgot the name of Arisa’s bestfriend) told Tsubasa that she better stay away from Shiori from now on. Tsubasa didn’t understand why but Marika said that she, Shiori, will certainly get a punishment card from the King.

On her way home, she met Shiori by the shoe lockers and when Shiori opened hers, she saw the punishment card from the King. Tsubasa noticed that it was the same as what Arisa received. By the stairs, their other classmates where singing their graduation song and this made Shiori feel even more the same as Arisa might have felt.

Now I get even more confused, is he an ally or an enemy?

Now I get even more confused, is he an ally or an enemy?

She told them to stop singing and they all went away. When she tried to follow them, she was hit by the back by… Manabe?!


As far as I’ve been with this series, even though we’re still at the 3rd chapter, I’m going to admit that I’m so attached with this series already! I guess it’s the plot, the artstyle AND the suspense that really wants me to read more of it. It’s just too awesome.

Natsumi Ando surely has done a great job with this series. Not really that good as Kitchen Princess yet but it’s on the way of doing so. If only there’d be romance that’ll perk up romance-shoujo fangirls. ;D Right now, I guess I’m satisfied with the continuous suspense that this series has brought to us.

Okay, now for thoughts on the actual chapter ^^. I’m actually getting freaked out with this King that they call a God. If I get a punishment card from him I guess I’d come close to suicide too. But yeah, that’s such a low reason too though it’d cause mental problems? Meh. Me and my addiction to psychology. 😐

To think that even Tsubasa is getting into this mess because she loves her sister. Awww… what an ideal sister that I guess I’m not XD .

Ooooh~ Scary!

Ooooh~ Scary!

What I always get freaked out when reading this is probably when her classmate’s eyes all go blank and utter nothing but King, He’s God and such.

The last scene.. where someone hit her? The guy’s Manabe! It makes me wonder even more if he’s KING or so because for the past few chapters, he’s always had this bad aura/look when it comes to Arisa/Tsubasa. It’s either he knows that it’s someone else and not Arisa or it’s related to the punishment card and KING.

I can’t wait for the next chapter~ <33 Oh and my shipping hopes are never down. You’ll see about this on my post on chap. 4 or something earlier.. X3


8 Responses to “[manga] ARISA chap. 3”

  1. 1 kelakagandy April 11, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    This manga is so exciting! And interesting! I just can’t wait to find out what happens next (especially with Manabe, I have no idea if he’s a friend of foe…).

    This chapter was really full of stuff…but also brought up so many more questions!

  2. 2 FuyuMaiden April 11, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    Ah! I just started reading this manga this week. Oh god it’s so addicting. Just 3 chapters in and I already want to sit down and read the whole thing. Waiting for more to come out is going to be torture.

    I think it’s too soon to be finding out who KING is, so finding out Manabe hit her just made me automatically think that he’ll be the good guy. Like, maybe he hit her so that Tsubasa wouldn’t follow her classmates? I don’t know.

    I don’t know anything about this series really! Anything could happen. It’s so freaky (especially those classmates).

  3. 3 warriorhope April 12, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    I agree with Fuyu about Manabe. I don’t think Ando-sensei would reveal the main “bad guy” of the series so soon. Takes out all the mystery.

  4. 4 kirapika April 14, 2009 at 11:12 am

    I really agree with what all of you said. 😀

    @kelakagandy: OMG. Me too! [fangirls~]

    You know, Manabe’s a real mystery to me, that’s why I think I can’t help but be in deep thought and what’s his connection to umm.. everything that is mysterious in ARISA!

    True, this chapter not only doubles the mystery but it gives me excitement. 😀

    @FuyuMaiden: I know, right? When I showed this to my friends while they’re at my house, the just can’t help but finish reading up to the latest chapter!

    I don’t think that the KING will be revealed any sooner, maybe hints though. And I really don’t want to believe that Manabe is bad because I dunno, I have this hunch that isn’t at all. I’ve got lots of theories in my mind I can sense this other side of him.

    @warriorhope: True, the mystery of the identity of the KING is the main suspense here (well, at the moment) If Ando-sensei will reveal it sooner then the series would loose one of it’s good points. I think she’ll reveal us hints one by one.

  5. 5 Ritsuka April 15, 2009 at 11:29 pm

    I’m pretty sure Manabe is a good guy. I don’t get why everyone is like that, but Arisa and Manabe were IMO the normal ones, and had talked about it -that’s why he goes “you don’t remember?” or something like that to fakeArisa when they meet for the first time.

    What makes me curious is that, supposing getting that letter means you are going to get killed -actually, it may mean something else, but something bad anyway-, then wouldn’t everyone suspect Arisa for appearing the next day like if everything was alright? Maybe the King makes something to your mind?

    As for romance, I kinda ship Tsubasa with his best friend…and I’m sure Arisa will get out of the coma, and I hope she ends up with Manabe. (hehe yeah I am betting all to Manabe being a good guy, and if he is he has to end up with someone because he has a bishounen aura all around him).

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