First Impressions – Hatsukoi Limited – “Have you been in love?”

Again, this is an example of a heart’s deep confusion and fright. *nods*

I don’t know how to express how much I was exited to watch and love Hatsukoi Limited! I vowed to watch this after I finished the manga so here I am now! lol. It’s kinda nostalgic when I watched the episode but it was still a fun and worthwile watch. Not regretting anything about Hatsukoi Limited at all.

I couldn’t say that the show was perfect because I tell you, even though I find it good, there were just some parts that got awkward. For one is the voices, I got really irritated with Ayumi’s seiyuu because it was as if she was trying to hard to make Ayumi seem cute. Cute yes, but too much isn’t good you know.

 I guess since I read the manga and I was so amazed by it, I’ll be following and blogging if I’m in the mood, Hatsukoi Limited. I just hope that through the middle of the series I wont get disappointed for things being left out and I’m sure there’ll be some differences from the anime and the manga so rants are expected.

Short Summary: Ayumi gets confessed by a big scary guy who turns out to be her crush’s big brother.



So this special someone is a prince charming *ahem* I mean a sort of Tamaki rip-off? I don’t really get it why shoujo girls love the blonde(not really) prince charming types. I really don’t like prince types, so.. ughh.

Gee. This didn’t sound so scary to me in the anime :I

I pity her. I mean, a big scary guy suddenly following you all week? Isn’t that just crazy? It’s a great thing that her friends are there for her!

And ooh~ her soul seems to have wandered off somewhere..

The princess carry. (with the combination of a doki-doki bg and shocked friends) *nods*

Ahh! WAIT! Isn’t this guy Beast-kun’s little brother? Geez Ayumi, you’ve gottten into a big love trouble there!

A miracle of love(though unrequitted), if you ask me.

1..2..3..! Supah KICK! You made Ayumi scared!

But then again, when you think about it, nothings wrong with Misao at all. Yes, he’s scary but people shouldn’t go that far to judge him so easily. I feel that he really cares so much for Ayumi, you know? *sigh* Well, that’s how complicated this thing you call ‘love’ is. 😛

So basically, I’m looking forward to the next episode, NAO. I know, I’m such a crazy supporter that I can’t wait for me but what can I do? *pouts* So far, this is one of the animes with high priority in watching 😉


2 Responses to “First Impressions – Hatsukoi Limited – “Have you been in love?””

  1. 1 thezean April 13, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    Eto, Hatsukoi Gentei has 12 episode only!? They cold have just done a 25 episode one, right?

    i did not read the manga yet but it looks fun to watch. should i try it? i think so.

  2. 2 kirapika April 14, 2009 at 11:36 am

    @thezean: Sadly, it is. I really wanted to see all the stories portayed. >.<

    You should! You won’t regret it~ 😀

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