(Late) First Impressions: Valkyria Chronicles

Look at that, Ms. Patrol is blushing~! ❤

For the first time, after so long, I watched an anime that’s about a war or shall I say, action-packed. Valkyria doesn’t really fall for that category but you could consider that as is. Watching Valkyria made me want to expect more like, what will happen to the both of them? Or something like will these two end up with each other?

Yes, hopeful fangirling is always necessary because you never know what’ll happen. This one thing makes me go as far research about the show and the game.

It was only last night that I was able to watch Valkyria Chronicles because of my busy schedule. The question now is, did Valkyria Chronicles capture my loving heart? The answer?


There are two things in this show that just at the first episode, makes me want to finish `til the end. The cute attraction between Alicia and Welkin – that causes great fangirling from me and the awesome plot. But hey, love in war is better than just war itself isn’t it?

I totally love Welkin now. Second is Akira from Higashi no Eden ;D

I just love it when the guys aren’t big jerks and they look good. And considering that he’s got the main role here can make me fangirl all over him and his quirky yet good ways.

On the other hand, I really can’t help but shout:

Alicia x Welkin ftw! >:]

I’m a crazy fangirl, I know.  I mean, what’s not to love? If you look at their meeting it looks just an ordinary cross of fate where one got suspected of being an enemy but in the end, turned out to be an ally! What’s more is that it couldn’t be just a mere coincidence to begin with. He’s Gunther’s grandson! (Oh wait, was it son or grandson? Meh there’ still related) – who is a hero. She’s a patrol who’s there to defend their town from the war.

Obviously, it’s fate that brought them together to defend Bruhl from the Imperials and the war. Get my point?

Doesn’t this scene wanna make you go scream off your head just by fangirling?! <33

I know, even though this is just the first episode, even screentime I see with Alicia and Welkin, I just fangirl. Weird but it’s fun ^^ Who could resist? :>

Animation & Character Design:

There’s nothing I can rant about the animation of Valkyria because there’s nothing wrong with it. It would have been better if they add more music to get the feeling but I guess so far it’s been alright.

The character designs are <333. No matter what angle you look at it, it’s just good. Although the pencil-lines on the shadows are there, I think it makes the animation look even more unique.

valkyria01072 valkyria0108 valkyria0109

valkyria0106 valkyria0111 valkyria01101


Both songs were catchy and amusing to the ears plus the animations that goes with them are cool. Especially the ED! Chibi ftw!!!!!!!1111 *evil laugh* I just want to screencap every scene and render the chibis out of them! xD

You know, judging by the OP, it really gives hints of shipping no? At least that’s what my mind keeps telling me.

Screencaps: (Click to enlarge)

valkyriacom01 valkyriacom02 valkyriacom03

valkyriacom04 valkyriacom05 valkyriacom06

valkyriacom07 valkyriacom08 valkyriacom09

valkyriacom10 valkyriacom11 valkyriacom12

valkyriacom13 valkyriacom14 valkyriacom15


1 Response to “(Late) First Impressions: Valkyria Chronicles”

  1. 1 thezean April 17, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    I have not much to say cuz i havent try watching this. worth fangirling by the looks of it.

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