K-On! ep. 02 & 03 – Everyone watches it for Mio..


..or Yui.. or Ritsu.. or Mugi 😀 or Ui XD

Doesn’t everyone? I guess I’ve realized that it’s not actually the plot that perks up people’s interest but the characters. Especially Mio. It’s true that I like Mio too but with the second episode I’ve come to love the other characters too. Most of all, Ritsu! It’s Ritsu’s cheerful personality that makes me want to glomp her along with Mio. *evil laugh*

No matter what critiques and other bloggers say about K-On! being a waste of time, I don’t really think it’s a waste of time because it’s entertaining to watch. It might sound biased because I’m a music lover hence, to be straight to the point, it’s just plain fun. Maybe you’d die of the amount of moe you can find in this show but that’s not the only thing that the show has. Actually, it has potential too.

Potential to be loved so much! XD

k-on0202   k-on0203   k-on0204

k-on0205   k-on0206   k-on0207

k-on0208   k-on0209   k-on0210

Episode 2:

The gang goes out to buy Yui’s guitar. Seeing that the guitar Yui intends to buy cost 250000Y when her money is only 50000Y, they all set out for a job as a traffic counter(suggested by Ritsu). When they got their pay checks, Yui insisted that they keep their money to themselves and that she’ll just buy a much cheaper guitar. The next time they go to the instrument shop, Yui can’t take her interest off of the guitar she first wanted , so Tsumugi tries to bargain for it. It turns out the her family owns the shop! After buying her guitar, Yui got easily addicted to her guitar but still has to learn how to use it. Remaining scenes shows us how she strives to learn/play her guitar despite not knowing much about it at all.


This episode was so funnehh. I couldn’t say that there was much character development but by seeing how things go in this episode that the bond between the characters are getting stronger.

I’m not someone who plays an instrument so I don’t know how those cost but really, 250000Y for guitars like that? Wow.

Lastly, I was wondering, if Mugi’s family owns the shop, why didn’t she say so in the first place so that they won’t need to take the job? Anyways, job filler is amusing. ❤

awwws.   the main reason she got so occupied *nods*   the new way of greeting!

the other definition of 'love' - 'obsession'   meeting the ever so mature imouto   Yui is tired desuuu.

'group bonding is better than studying'   RITSUUUU! UIIII! XO   Mio is :| ; Ritsu is :O

Episode 3:

With being so addicted to her guitar, Yui wasn’t able to focus on her academics and study for the midterms, causing her to fail. She had 1 week to study and for 6 days, she wasn’t able to accomplish anything for she was so occupied with practicing the guitar. If she doesn’t pass then she won’t be able to attend the club activities and if she doesn’t the club may be disbanded. So, Mio, Ritsu and Mugi come over to her house to help her study at the seventh day. They come to meet Yui’s little sister Ui, and was shocked to see how mature she was compared to her older sister. So, Mio and Ritsu ends up the one tutoring Yui while Ritsu does other things like distract them unknowingly and end up playing video games with Ui. When the exam day came, everyone was tensed due to the consequence of Yui failing but to their surprised, she aced it! Now they can continue their practices..


My love for Mio and Ritsu increased so much in this episode and I don’t know why. Call me crazy but, what’s not to love? They’re both so good in their own ways. XD

Wow, is there someone really like Yui? To forget studying for the midterms just because of her guitar? Wow that must be hard. When I study for midterms, I’m like that too, spending a lot of time on the computer or watching television but I don’t fail. She could’ve at least set boundaries. *sigh* What’s the world gone into?

Can’t wait for the next episode though 😉


6 Responses to “K-On! ep. 02 & 03 – Everyone watches it for Mio..”

  1. 1 Kairu Ishimaru April 18, 2009 at 7:01 am

    I watch it for Yui. You got it wrong.

  2. 2 kirapika April 18, 2009 at 8:16 am

    @Kairu Ishimaru: I said that too, didn’t I? 😀

  3. 3 Henry April 18, 2009 at 10:29 am

    Actually 250k yen for that guitar normal pricing for it. But us mere mortals would usually start with a cheaper guitar before going so high up.

  4. 4 kirapika April 18, 2009 at 10:36 am

    @Henry: Yeah, even if I were in her place, I’d settle for something lower than that.

  5. 5 warriorhope April 18, 2009 at 10:20 pm

    I actually watch it for Ui * shot *

    Seriously though, Ui-chan is my favorite girl. Mio, Rit-chan and Mugi are all good too though.

  6. 6 kirapika April 19, 2009 at 4:12 am

    @warriorhope: Oh! I forgot to include Ui! *smacks self* XD
    I guess she’s my 3rd fave because she’s so responsible and reliable.

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