Eden of the East 02 – Juiz is awesome. `nuff said.


Why is it that everyone here has cool cellphones?! D:<

Just gotten the hang of watching Eden of the East 02 and complaining about the heat here at the Philippines and hate to make it sound so overrated but it’s good! Definitely! Every fangirling-worthy moment, I was there to do so but aside that, what really hooked me into this episode was how the mysteries seem to get bigger and bigger.Now, they arrive at Japan and another set of questions enter my mind – too much that I can’t make myself post about it.

The best thing in this episode was, the Akira x Saki bonding. I’m sure you all agree on that. 😉


What’s good again, in this episode that somehow, Akira’s getting a slight glimpse of the memories he had lost. Aww that was nice, I’d like to see chibi-Akira~~~ *ahem* I’m not getting addicted am I? Tell me!!!!111


Can’t you just help but squeal when you saw this scene?! Well, I did. <333

On the other hand, I am really really really jealous of Akira’s and that other guy’s cellphone. I mean, it has money! It’s like a big wallet! If ever that gets stolen then that thief would be the luckiest, ever. The design is so cool too.. *sigh* Oh and, wasn’t those last scenes great? I mean, this guy just ordered Juiz to kill those two other guys and in an instant (when he said Bang!) they got killed – even the man who saw what happened. Truly awesome. XD Haha. Enough of that, I just can’t wait for the next servings of Higashi no Eden~


2 Responses to “Eden of the East 02 – Juiz is awesome. `nuff said.”

  1. 1 thezean April 19, 2009 at 2:51 pm

    The phone is totally cool! If only i had something like that i don’t know how happy i can be.

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