Tayutama 02 – That old geezer’s a manipulator :O


I really find Yuuri’s dad so amusing and funny. Wow, he’s a blackmailer too? Other than that, those Tayutais are cute! *huggles*

Despite the fact that I found this episode quite fine, it just doesn’t help that the camera angles differ from time to time. I should say that it’s because of that that my headache getting worse now but meh.  Also, now I could say that I really couldn’t care less for the plot because it’s so vague. I never liked shows like that but considering that this is harem and the likes, I could handle watching it; while others might watch this for fanservice XD.


Mehh. Mashiro’s cute and all but I really can’t stand her sometimes for some reason. It makes Ameri stand out to me even more. No offense but I don’t know why she needs to take this marriage thing so seriously and tell the whole world about it without minding how Yuuri would feel about it. I guess all I can wait for is some character development; that might help me understand her more.


The episode was funny in it’s own ways yet towards the end was kinda sad on Mashiro’s part but I don’t really care. It’s Mifuyu that I watch Tayutama for. I don’t know why but I really like characters like her. Tsundere. Hey, from the start, she looks really impressive, don’t you think?


Lol whut?

Not minding her ranty personality and some constructive criticism on her part, I think I’m starting to appreciate this character even more! It’s obvious that she likes and cares for Yuuri and that often causes her outbursts (which relates to Mashiro too). I can’t wait to see more of Ameri.

tayutama0204Their uniforms are so cuuuutteee! <333 *glomps Mashiro and steals her uniform* I just don’t understand why I love frills so much. I guess it’s a girl thing. Most of my skirts have enough frills that makes it look cute but I guess that’s far from being an obsession. As far as I’ve noticed, all the girl’s clothing in this show have been cutesy and/or frilly. I’ll look forward to seeing some more to use as bases for my drawings. XD


Awwws. Poor, poor Mashiro :C If only she didn’t show those ears and tail of hers then she’d really have a lot of friends there. I think when you base it to real life, no matter how great you are, only one single mistake (or decreasing quality) can make others get afraid or weirded out of you.  *sigh* It’s too sad on Mashiro though.

I hope they sub episode 3 fast. XD


2 Responses to “Tayutama 02 – That old geezer’s a manipulator :O”

  1. 1 meganeshounen April 22, 2009 at 11:29 am

    Does it help that Yuuri’s dad is voiced by THE EMPEROR OF BRITANNIA? 😀

  2. 2 kirapika April 23, 2009 at 6:38 am

    Hmm.. it depends XD Maybe?

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