First Impressions: 07-Ghost ep. 01-03 – Who’s your bishie?

MIKAGE <3 TEITO *glomps*

Is it tsuntsun Teito, super adorable Mikage or smexy hot bishop Frau? or super strict-o Aya-chii? :>Take your pick.

Well if you ask me, I’d pick them all. Though I’m not that brief on Ayanami. :I

BEWARE of massive rage and fangirling beyond this point. XD

Just a little message:

Now that I’ve watched all three available episodes of 07-Ghost, I really regret of not watching this first from the start because it’s so good! No, it’s not just bishie heaven but there’s still a plot, right? Right?! XD Sure they call this having hints of shounen-ai, so what? Do you really see two or three men smexing in here? NO. It’s merely friendship, guys.

What can we do if they’re at a boys-only school? And the fact that almost 3/4 of the show’s population are guys?

Sure some may watch this because they like shounen-ai or for my previous case, bishie heaven and some gets utterly mad because this is “a plainly stupid excuse for yaoi”. Isn’t this one supposed to be targeted for women because it’s full-packed of bishies? Nahh. Not just us, it’s for everyone. So all of those who give 07-Ghost prejudice, just shut up because you don’t know what you’re missing :D.


Anyways, on to the fangirling:

(random orders of screencaps XD)

I love my 07-Ghost boys, and you know it. Isn’t it just so obvious? But I <3333 MIKAGE the most. *nods*


sdfghjklfghjkl :O I love Teito’s eyes. I dunno why, but I have a thing for green eyes XD I’m a crazy fangirl~ *goes to lala land* But, nevertheless *glomps Teito*

But hey, isn’t Teito’s tsundere attitude so cute? I think that happens most when he’s with Frau. Hmmm. No shounen-ai hint intended, people! 😛


See what I mean? Isn’t he sooo cute?! *tackles* *glomps*


Again, to prove my point, his green eyes are even more glomp-worthy when they look confused/shocked. Isn’t it? Waahhh so cute! ❤


Gee. Why’d do they have to make him look so sexy in this scene? Oh and the blood and eyes effect helps, a lot. *melts*


When I watched the OP, my first thought was, ‘OMG who’s this super smexy guy ♥.♥’? Then I discovered that his name is FRAU. Yey for Frau! He entered my heart without me even knowing it. Ah, love at first sight much?!

Now get this, why is it that when Teito’s so tsuntsun, it’s always because of Frau? *hint* *hint* ❤ Bahh. That’s because anyone who’s anyone who’s get to get near of Frau will go haywire and change to tsundere mode.


I haven’t read the manga so I was SHOCKED to find out that this smexy badboy is a bishop! Wow, that’s too much to take isn’t it? Well, no. He’s sexy eitherways~♪♥


And you call this a bishop? Let’s brand him as the ‘ smexy hot [pervy] bishop’. Let’s? >:3

I don’t know exactly why, but to me, him being a bishop makes him look smexier to me. Really. XD


OMFG. That stare! *shivers* It makes me want to melt and glomp him at the same time T^T. He’s just so freakin’ hawt. >///<

Truthfully speaking, Frau’s got to be the hottest and smexiest among my 3 07-Ghost boys. But still, MIKAGE!

He’s so godly, btw. 😉


Again, Frau has made me experience intense fangirling with this screencap. Kyaaa~

and finally,

MIKAGE-ism! ❤


MIKAGE!!!!!!!!!!1111 *faints*

That wink, was the beginning of my love for Mikage. Oh and the scar makes him look so sexy. Yumm. XD

He’s not the hottest but he’s the most adorable here. *glomps*I really adore his sense of friendship~♪


Is that a smirk, Mikage? Is it? Because if it is, then I could die in smirky-bishie heaven now~ *dies*

Yet, I’m still alive because Mikage is <3. Isn’t he?

07-ghost0102When you get Mikage irritated, he’ll use his *something that I forgot* against you with a bored look that is still so cute.

I simply cannot help but say that every time Mikage has screentime, I squee with joy. XP

07-ghost0105Mikage, can I have you now?

I tell you, the confused looked of bishies never fails to captures my fangirl heart. Mikage is no exception. :3


Ahh~ Ara Ara~ I’m enjoying capping Mikage and his adorable expressions~ :X

See! Look at that scar, isn’t is so sexaaay?

Mahh. I’m excited to see more of these 3 in the next episode ;D


07-Ghost isn’t bad at all. It just that it gets criticism from various people that it sounds so ughh but it’s not. Trying will not hurt a bit because you’ll certainly be pleased. May it be Mikage, Frau, Teito or Aya-chi you choose. Hey, 07-Ghost isn’t just bishie heaven, and the episodes prove it themselves. So I guess 07-Ghost is one of my most awaited in this season, I just can’t wait for more. MIKAGE~~~ ❤

Oh and, who couldn’t resist these hawt hot bishies?


5 Responses to “First Impressions: 07-Ghost ep. 01-03 – Who’s your bishie?”

  1. 1 Minnie April 24, 2009 at 7:53 am

    Oh God. Don’t make me choose! After the first episode, I was set on Mikage, but due to the lack of screen time for him the past two episodes, Frau is up there with him. ^____^ Go Bishies!

  2. 2 Xiao Jie April 24, 2009 at 4:08 pm

    8D I like your rage there…and encourage it. xDDDD

    WAAAH! I can’t choose! I love them all! Though the one I want to snuggle the most is Mikage because…MIKAGE~! <3333

    Haha, agrees. Tei-kun’s eyes are so purdy~…and he’s so tsuntsun which just makes him all the more cute (especially around Frau, lawl~)! Kyaa~! lol xD

    “I don’t know exactly why, but to me, him being a bishop makes him look smexier to me. Really. XD”

    This. XDDD Aww man, you are going to squeal even more when they get to that part. I just finished reading it and…WAH! FRAU~! <DDDDD If there were bishops like him in real life church, I wouldn’t mind having a religion (and would probably get rejected right after converting). Lololol

    OMG, MIKAGE~! …Mikage…*steals him away for snuggling* <333

    He’s just way too awesome. He has like almost every ideal trait a girl would like to see in a guy. Cute, has a playful personality, great sense of loyalty and yes, the various expressions he gives are definitely a plus. Ohh~, Mikage…be my Onii-chan! Lol xDDD

    As for the criticism targeted at the show, pfft. If people want to see it as either strong male friendship or shounen-ai, it’s up to them but don’t throw away the rest of it just because of that. *rolls eyes* The plot is decent and like you said, this is aimed particularly at a female audience (and we all know how crazy fangirls get over their bishie love, haha). Giving an anime a chance means you’ll have to adapt to that anime, not the other way around. 😛

  3. 3 kirapika April 25, 2009 at 6:54 am

    @Minnie: Both of them are very awesome, indeed. ^^ Yey for bishies!

    @Xiao Jie: To make long comment short,I TOTALLY agree with everything you said. Mikage is ❤ and 07-Ghost criticisms are meh. 😀

  4. 4 Mito April 29, 2009 at 4:34 am

    Yey! Live Frau-chan!
    Give me Frau!
    Anyway if there’s bishop like frau, lemme ask him to become my religion teacher at school!
    Hahahaha… Ah mikage, i also love you at first sight and teito-chan too-
    They’re d best!

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