Blog Status: Spring Anime Workload!?

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Just when you thought that the work is over, it’s not! What work is it exactly? Watching anime, doh! XD Basically, here’s some random filler post of the animes in categories related to blogging and watching it. Also, as to why I do so. 😛

 Again, everything stated here doesn’t go along when I’m not in the mood. It all depends on my good old mood.

Spring Anime 2009 has been very busy for me because I had other things to do, plus it’s Summer here at our place and you know that when it’s summer, you can’t just help but have fun in the sun!

 Here is my final judgement on the animes that I watch: (Hopefully the cycle starts next week)

Watching and most likely be Blogging (if not busy):

It may either be as one or as a weekly anime. Some may be skipped and so on..

– Eden of the East:

Because it’s so good and it’s worth my praise, this one’s no doubt in my blogging list. :> I just love the mystery in it and Saki and Akira’s chemistry is <33.


Ara~ Ara~ It’s my bishie servings! Oh wait- MIKAGE!!! <333 Who in their right [fangirly] mind wouldn’t want to post about this?! Posts are most likely to be fangirling and ramblings.


A little slice of life with a mix of cute moeness and music doesn’t hurt right? Post may have randomness. :X

Pandora Hearts

OMG, why did people drop this after the first eppie?! It’s just the stupid animation guys! Nothing as worse as Gokujou! Mecha Mote Iinchou‘s, plus the plot is gewwwd. Oz x Alice ftw!

Hatsukoi Limited:

Gee. This is my only sure-of-romance show this Spring, why wouldn’t I blog it? So what if it’s a bit ecchi? The story is good. Since I read the manga, I just hope that this won’t turn so crappy. It’s been a good start ^^

Valkyria Chronicles:

Hey, it’s a cool show isn’t it? I’m really hoping for some Alica x Welkin shipping because they’re both <33. This is one of the really few shows that somehow relates to battle that I watch. It’s really promising.

 Really Mood-dependent:


It’s interesting, yes. So far even though I don’t like and know much about mahjong, it looks fun to watch. It isn’t that boring at all. Oh, some hints of yuri are there but who cares?!


Mashiro is so cute! Plot is kinda weird but animation and the like amuses me so I watch.

 Watching but not blogging:

Tears to Tiara:

I know you would be asking me why, of all things not blog about something blog-worthy. You might think of me as a crazy person but I guess even though it’s good I don’t want to blog it. Haha. >:3

Polyphonica Crimson S:

It’s the forgotten thing this Spring but I’m curious about it; so far I’ll be watching it.

Hanasakeru Seishounen:

Will I really be able to watch this 39-episode with school coming near? I have no idea but as far as I’m concerned, I’m actually enjoying this. Li Ren~

Natsu no Arashi:

*le gasps*~  I watch this show? Well yeah, when I’m bored.

 HA! This is what I get from picking up too much. But remember, I still have a life like all of you so I may so sideways and not abide with this. :O


1 Response to “Blog Status: Spring Anime Workload!?”

  1. 1 thezean April 27, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    Wow you have a lot in there, huh? I can’t imagine how busy you are right now.

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