K-On! 04 – Of Swimsuits, moe meido Mio and ugly barnacles

Moe moe mio, anyone?

Moe moe mio, anyone?

After 4 weeks of airing, K-On! episode 4 was probably the episode that moetards and Mio fans liked the most – so far. Isn’t it? I don’t remember this being focused on much in the 4-koma but what do you expect from KyoAni to give fans what they want?

Honestly, it was a pretty funny episode. Although this was supposed to be a training camp, it turned out to be a vacation and beach fun right? Poor Mio, no one listens to her. :O

So why do I think people loved episode 4? Simple..

Moe Moe Kyun~♥

Meido Mio’s Moe Moe Kyun~♥

I’m betting that aside from this, majority of K-On! fans(that likes Mio) practically “Yes!”ed at this scene didn’t you?

If not then we have these for runner-ups…

kon0403K-On! girls in swimsuits?

As you can base from their swimsuits, Mio and Mugi are both very mature characters, indeed while Yui and Ritsu are not so but they’re still good. Oh and, I love Yui’s swimsuit – I have one almost similar to that, only blue. Wait, you didn’t need to know right?! 😆

kon04041Ui’s awesomeness?

Really, nowadays, I don’t really see little sisters being better than their older sisters because if you base it on my life, little sisters are annoying. Ughh. I want Ui to be my sister o3o!


ze ugleh barnacle phobia

kon0405Yui’s suddenly awesome guitaring skillzz?!

Yui’s kinda growing up on me you know? I mean, at first she was such a dojikko who’s like moecraptic but she’s on her way to be even more serious. She’s just so stubborn.


kon0407MOE Mio, anyone?

Mio’s great and all but when she gets in moe-mode, you can’t help but say awww ne? Wrong. There’s just too much. Still, it’s tolerable so it’s fine.

kon0409*hint* *hint* :3

Just kidding! The warm bath scenes are always so mushy. Blehh.


Mio sleeping and hugging pilow that you wished you were

Kudos for Ritsu for taking that pic! XDDD

kon0411Mio killing Ritsu. D’awww.

Now this is what real best friends are, no kidding. I mean, if you’re really best friends this isn’t a big thing right? Teasing here and there. ^^

..And there are a lot of other reasons why they just love K-On! 4. Hopefully, the 5th episode will be good and tolerable.


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