Special A: Last Chapter – A crazily happy ending?!


Bawww. It’s the last chapter already T__T. It’s hard to accept that my favorite (believe it or not) series has ended. But yeah, things enter and go and it was time for S.A to go. Nevertheless, amidst the nostalgic theme of the chapter, it still remained funny – one of the good aspects that I like about this series.

I guess it was a pretty fair ending although it was hanging and open. Kudos for Minami Maki-sensei for finishing S.A! Can’t wait to see her upcoming oneshot 😀


[btw, scans are from jcblink and it was scanlated by potato-otaku]

sa_ending_011It’s almost time for the 3rd year’s graduation ceremony and months have passed since the end of the S.A festival. Akira is rejoicing about Iori’s dropping/backing out; meaning Ryuu gets to stay in the S.A. Jun states that they’ll be 3rd years soon. Since it was Hikari’s Birthday soon, Akira gives out invitation for her party and orders them to give them out because she’ll be too busy doing the preparations.


They, the S.A, then attend the 3rd year’s graduation ceremony and all the 3rd year students can’t help but to stare at the S.A who seats on their own row. Of course, Hajime ( you know, that stupid president who hates S.A and all?) is greatly annoyed by this and vows that he will defeat the S.A one day.Dream on, dude.


On the other hand, some girls are asking Iori if he’ll really be transferring and he says that of course he will because it’s his dream to be a beautician. Well, at least he’s not that sad because he’s actually one of those who didn’t end up with anybody. Poor Iori.

sa_ending_03On this scene, Ryuu encounters Finn wearing a girl’s uniform and he’s obviously shocked and flustered about it. She tells him that her father has allowed her to wear them from now on. She also tells him that she wanted to look more feminine so that she could ‘stick’ with Ryuu. Ryuu on the other hand, thinks that he should be more careful and stuff.. Ahh~ the RyuFinn moment. Gahh. I’m just so sad that she wasn’t included in the anime. >:[

sa_ending_04Jun and Sakura are both in Sakura’s house and Sakura listens to his horrible playing. He starts to feel sorry for making her listen to his playing and promises that he will make her deeply moved by his violin. Of course, this made Sakura go doki-doki and kisses Jun. What happens? Inner-Jun is back! When two maids entered, Jun asked if they wanted to join hi. He tells her that he’s joking and Sakura yells at him.

sa_ending_005 sa_ending_05

Megumi, was infront of the Kokusen entrance asking people if they want to go to the opera with her. Yahiro sees her and she quickly erases what she wrote on her white board but she forgot to hide the tickets. Yahiro tells her that he’s in the mood to go to see an opera and asks her if she wanted to go with him. She says that she does.

sa_ending_06Akira and Tadashi are both in her kitchen while she’s preparing something for Hikari’s birthday and Tadashi tried to take samples only to be smacked by her. She tells him that she wants to make this perfect because this is her special friend’s birthday. Tadashi tells her that this is what he likes about Akira. Akira pretends that she didn’t hear it quite well and asks him to repeat it. What he said though was that he liked Akira’s pastries. She smacks him as a result. (how I love these two! ❤)

sa_ending_07In the end, everyone was doing well. Alisa is now a Kokusen student and is still enjoys her food so much. Aoi, is talking over the phone as usual. Sui, with his nii-chan complex, looks at different pictures of Kei. Midori and Granda Takishima are both in front of Izumi’s grave. Atsushi, Hikari’s brother has graduated. Satoru is wearing a seifuku to.. i don’t know, is it to entertain? And Sumire is throwing darts at the S.A punishment list.


Back to Kyushu, Hikari’s parents are talking about her. Jiro tells his wife that it was Hikari’s decision to stay so he wanted to respect that. He also tells that Hikari even begged him for this at the end of the festival.


In this part, both Hikari and Kei are going on top of a skyscraper because Takishima wanted to show her something. On their way there, Hikari is definitely exhausted and when Kei asks her if she is, she insists that she isn’t and she won’t loose to him. She tells him that she wants to defeat him quickly,  little by little . He asks her why she’s in a hurry of defeating him and she remembers the time where her father told her to stay until she defeats Takishima.


She tries to dash up to get to the top before him but he still won in the end. She’s amazed at the view on top and asks him if this was what he wanted to show her. He says that it isn’t. Then, he asks her what she’ll do after she defeats him and asks if she’ll go back to Kyushu after she does. She says that she will propose to him if she defeats him and that one win isn’t enough for her to claim victory.

sa_ending_12Kei decides to increase his victory by proposing with the use of fireworks. This means that many could see the message making her even more embarrased. She tells him that he hasn’t won yet without her saying yes. Kei tells her that she’s fine with it.


“I’ll accept your challenge anytime”


The end shows us the two of them, with Akira in the greenhouse.


Wahhhh. T^T I really can’t believe that it’s over already. I’ve been following this series for like, years. Okay, I’m over-exagerrating, two years maybe? And I’m an avid fan of this series you know that? I actually collect the manga (english-version). So if this had 17 volumes and almost-only 10 volumes are out.. the last volume will be released sometime late 2010 or early 2011. How long is that?! >:O Well, I can wait ^^

On to the last chapter, I guess it was a pretty nice chapter, everyone had their happy lives with the person he or she loves or doing the thing that he/she always wanted to do. It’s all up to your decision to what happens in your life. I definitely ‘Kyaaa~’ed in all the couple scenes. Not the fangirling kyaaa but the simple one that says how much I liked the scene. Done deal. Haha. It would be better though if the ending wasn’t left hanging (they could’ve kissed) but still, it was nice. If only the anime had a second season. Gee.


6 Responses to “Special A: Last Chapter – A crazily happy ending?!”

  1. 1 kanzeon April 29, 2009 at 9:54 am

    The ending could have been better, I just felt that it was… incomplete T^T.

    OMG I love how Finn went to his real girl form now~ ^^ Though I’ll miss his very handsome guy look XD. (still keeps calling him with male pronouns ftw~). Aww, I’ll miss all the couples so much T__T… YahiroxMegumi too, they’re so adorable together… And AkiraxTadashi also… Uguu~~

    It’s nice that they showed the main couplings and the “The person that..” side narration was also touching. But still, I will be ultimately happy if they added a special extra chapter that will show a time gap with their married lives or what happened in their futures, etc. Or like, if ever Hikari and Kei married and had a baby and finds another rival XD lol (my imagination XD)… Chapter 99 is just begging to have a chapter 100 XD.

    But damn, I’ll miss this manga so much. I can’t wait for Maki-sensei’s new work soon~

    • 2 kirapika April 30, 2009 at 7:59 am

      @kanzeon: True, there are a lot of thing that Maki-sensei could have included. I can’t really say that this is the so called happy ending because it felt like it was the usual. Just bringing up another point.

      It would be better if there was an epilogue showing how their lives will be in the future isn’t it? Marriages and the like, I can live without that ending cliche but I really wanted to see more of it.

      I’ll miss everything, really. It’s on of my favorite shoujo mangas and it’s too sad to let it go. T__T

  2. 5 Stephie May 14, 2009 at 5:39 pm


    It isn’t enough but I’m happy on how it ended.

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