07-Ghost ep. 04 – Scythes and smirking blonde bishops are IN..


..And you know it

Watching this episode, I can’t help but find myself gawking everything Frau does his little speech of what you call and/or everytime he acts like himself. Who in their right fangirling mind wouldn’t?

Aside from the gawking and fangirling because of Frau (really, I can totally imagine him now being part of my big heart. ), I was in despair because of Mikage. Aya-tan is EBIL. DX Why can’t he feel pit for our dear Mikage?! *rage*

Summary: Teito almost got fooled by a Kor(who took over the old man’s body) of giving his soul to him when he wished to see Mikage. If not for the bishops, mostly Frau, he would have been crisp by now. He also shows us his smexy scythe. Frau removes the mark from Teito’s chest. Next day, during laundry day, Teito meets Lazet, a mermaid and with Castor, he told him what a Kor is and what they do. On the other hand, Mikage is still being held capture by Ayanami asking his decision of whom he will choose – his family or Teito. After some speeches, Mikage chooses Teito and tells Ayanami that he’s sure that his family would understand.In the end, we see Ayanami ready to use his Zaiphon on Mikage. (nuuuuuuu!!!! </3)

But still, I couldn’t help but cap Mikage and his awesome expressions:




Seriously though, why can someone so painfully confused with what he should decide to choose, look so cool at the same time? Overstatement or understatement but it’s true you know. He has this facade that makes him look so strong even though he’s already faced with troubles. That’s how I love my bishies~

And, why can’t they just let him go? They know that he wouldn’t budge because Teito is his best friend and all… and to go as far as blackmailing? Oh please.


On Teito.. It’s not really his fault or Mikage’s fault that he had to leave the academy and Mikage in turn had to be sort of imprisoned by Ayanami. See how friendship is so good?

Anyways, Teito is like every main character in shounen series like this. He has even more powers and abilities than the others, he’s got this troublesome past that he can’t seem to remember well and many other things. So what’s so good about him? I don’t know yet but I’m sure he’s great.

Lol he can even see Frau’s smexy scythe.


By smexy, see what I mean?

I really love this episode just for Frau and Mikage. Screw Ayanami.

More pictures of Frau being oh-so-smexy:


Scary old man is scary. Frau makes this scene worth capping.


Did you guys also find this scene irrisistably cute? *squeals like a demonic fangirl~*


OMG that smirk! qerthnbftk *presses random letters* *looks again* *squeals* *faints*

I knew I should have capped the moonlight scene too! waaaaaahh.

Those two were probably the best screentimes of Frau in this episode. Look at his blue eyes! Can’t you see the hawtness? >//////<


Castorrrrr~♪♥ He’s freakin’ cool for a bishop. Who else agrees?


Teito’s soul belongs to Frau now. XD

Pervy Frau! *slaps his ass* *fangirls*

A thing to remember when you get to that place: Let yourself to be marked by a Kor and make Frau help you remove the mark. :3


On the other hand, here we meet Lazet. She’s a mermaid who is also the organist of the church. I don’t know much about her yet because sadly, I haven’t gotten a chance to read the manga yet. Buuuu~ Will she be a plot element? Gahh. Now I really have to find time to read the manga.


And look, she’s taken a liking for Teito!


OMG, is it just me or does Teito look cool in that get-up?! 😆 He’s frickin’ thin.



Awwwwwwwwww. This scenes want to make me cry now. So touching! I wish my friends and I are also like that!

Okay, I mean, who wouldn’t be touched to see your friend choose you over his/her family? Nothing like that happens often. See the connection here? My God, that’s one good bond of a friendship. ;________;



Way for Ayanami to completely ruin the mood. *cries for Mikage* ;;_________;;

I HATE YOU Ayanami!


9 Responses to “07-Ghost ep. 04 – Scythes and smirking blonde bishops are IN..”

  1. 1 Xiao Jie May 4, 2009 at 4:44 pm

    Haha, the law of bishies defies all logic. Angsting = hawtness. Nuff said. xD

    Teito reminds me so much of Kamui from X just by what you said. So he’s a typical shoujo hero (lol, well, 07 and X are for shoujo audiences, anyway). I’m not so impressed with his character since I already saw it before but I still like him. He’s so tsuntsun! So cute! Ahaha~

    Oh man, never has “May God be with you” ever sounded so smexy! XDDDD

    Lol Castor is the only one who looks like a bishop…a very cool and drop dead handsome one at that. ~.^

    & you should read the manga when you can (just so you know where everything’s going to go). Lazet is so cool! She plays a major part in ____’s backstory. It made me want to TAT cuz it was so sad but…yea, I’ll refrain from spoiling. ^^

    The friendship moment was way too touching. MIKAGE~!!!!! ;_______________;
    Even though Mikage would never sell his own family out (he’s not the type to), he wouldn’t sell his best friend either and like all noble guys, would sacrifice himself instead. OHHH~ MIKAGEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    AYA-TAN! You’re just being a great big bastard just because you’re jealous of them! xP

    • 2 kirapika May 8, 2009 at 10:04 am

      VERY TRUE 😆

      Still, some cliches are <33 for some reasons XD

      Oh man, never has “May God be with you” ever sounded so smexy! XDDDD

      Did I mention that I totally agree to what you just said? FRAU~<333

      I guess I should really get my butt up and start reading 07-Ghost because I some sort of want to understand what’s happening and all..and the whole Mikage dies thing

      The most touching thing about the two is that, as far as episode 04, it shows how Teito and Mikage’s friendship has really no limits. AWWWWW~~ Mikage is a good guy that’s why he knows what’s he’s doing~ YAY MIKAGEEEEE!

  2. 3 kanzeon May 5, 2009 at 4:40 am

    Oh GOD FRAU! He’s blasphemous but he’s definitely excused because he’s soooo HOT! XD. His smirk is DEADLY, girl XD *goes back to that screencap* *melts* lol I never get tired of looking at him~ And his scythe is.. Aaahhh~~ *melts*

    Castor is really awesome and cool! Agrees ^^.

    And of course who would forget about Mikage? Poor Mikage~ T_T But it’s so touching that Teito wants to rescue him. Look at how they say the same tings at the same time! OMG they really make me BAWW..

    Lol Aya-tan just needs someone to glomp him to rescue him from his bitterness XD. *stares at Hyuuga-tan*. Speaking of him, Aya-tan also got his very own Mikage in Hyuuga ^_~.

    It’s up to you if you want to read the manga, but I suggest maybe after a few more weeks after some major stuff so that it won’t spoil you on watching the anime ^^. But I agree with Xiao. I LOVE Razette and ______’s backstory!! (I’ll shut up before spoiling anything -__-;;)

    • 4 kirapika May 8, 2009 at 10:24 am

      In other words, FRAU is Godly. XDDDDDDD

      Mikage and Teito’s friendship makes me go AWWWWWWW~ They have a connection XP

      Aya-tan, although he hurt my Mikage, needs some serious hugging *stares at Hyuuga too* so that he could feel how Mikage is feeling right now… >_<

      Hmmm.. I dunno, I guess any time it fits to my schedule and I’m in the mood I could read the manga. I dunno when though 😛 Nah, it’s fine. I’m sure when I find out what’s that, I’m going to love it too..? lol.

      Don’t worry, right now you’re facing a girl who’s obsessed with spoilers 😆

  3. 5 Mito May 6, 2009 at 10:55 am

    Hell aya! I hate u! Did he jealous that mikage cooler than him? That’s idiot!
    And don’t forget 1oo point for frau! He’s so perfect! And also castor with his cool smile- kyaa-

  4. 7 Kep May 20, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    Hi. Can you tell me how to write Frau line “May god be with you” in japanese? Thank you 😛

  5. 8 kep May 20, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    Hi. Can you tell me how to write Frau line “May god be with you” in japanese? Thank you 😛

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