Weekly Manga – “A Marriage Interview!?”


I know. It’s been a while since I’ve made a weekly manga post because I haven’t been doing that much manga reading. Blame it on the various animes that I’m watching, I should really cut some slack. So recently, I was able to find really good (shoujo) mangas to read. Yeah, I’m crazy for the romance genre. Kill me now.

Manga Series included here:

  • Shouri no Akuma ch. 2
  • Shugo Chara ch. 40
  • Love Berrish ch. 8
  • Kimi to Koi ni Ochiru Mahou de ch. 4-5(end)

I don’t know how much I’ve been waiting for the release of two series up there(Shouri no Akuma & Love Berrish)! At least I had other things that kept me busy during the looooong wait ^^. Can’t blame the scanlators because like all of us, they have a life too XD Now I’m really getting stressed with everything that I’m doing! >__< I need a vacation(again).

Reading light-hearted shoujo mangas are the way to do so but unfortunately, I haven’t found any of those lately. I’m more likely to read shoujo mangas where they is less drama because I hate all the sappy stuff. Yes, I know it’s kind of a ‘must’ to have these in long stories but sometimes, don’t you feel that it gets boring? Still, I can’t help but read it because you don’t know when something interesting will come up XP


Shouri no Akuma ch. 02

This manga really intrigues me, even when I was just seeing the previews… Why? It’s because it’s um.. weird. lol. Well, not the bad kind of weird but it’s just how the story goes. It’s about a girl whose family got bankrupt so she needed to transfer into another school which turned out to be a very weird school with weird students and teachers too(in heroine’s perspective). She meets Akira(the blonde), who on the outside looks like a beautiful girl but she’s actually a he.

Chapter 2 got even weirder! You could bluntly say that everyone their is weird(in your mind) but I don’t get it why the heroine has to shout it out to her classmates saying that their all weird and stuff. Um hello? Insensitive much…? She goes around saying that they’re weird and even gets mad about it but still, those people are sorry for making her feel that way. Even Akira always helps her when she goes to that ‘breakdown’.

Yeah, shipping rocks – it exist even as early as the first chapter XD I couldn’t blame her though, I mean who plays hide and seek in the middle of a busy street? Not me, for one.


What got me interested in this chapter was the later part where Akira visits Asami’s home. He goes laughing about the things that Asami’s father shows him(because it’s related to Asami). The cliffhanger is that Akira finds a picture of a young boy who Asami’s father says that he was thinking for a marriage interview. Asami goes shocked while Akira is neutral. I’m actually starting to think that the guy is Akira for some reason even though it might not be him. Gahh. Chapter 3, where are youuu?! :O

shugo_chara_ch_40Shugo Chara ch. 40

Revelation: Gozen is taiyaki kid. His name is Hikaru. The reason why he wanted the embryo so much is for his stupid rock collection.

I was like, ‘WTF?!’ when I found out about it. I was already having hunches when I first saw the taiyaki kid because it gives this different vibe a bad one. Okay, enough about that Gozen. Why exactly am I being bitchy right now? Well, I mean, if you look at it, Gozen wanted the Embryo for his stupeeeeed rock collection, right? How was he able to do it? Use Ikuto and Utau in his plan and at the same time hurting them both. It was as if he’s ready to sacrifice them just for that. Ughh. Kids. =___=


I really adore Amu’s strong sense of what should you call this? Hmm.. appreciation? Gahh. My vocab’s not-so-good lately XP But yeah, even if Director Hoshina was mean to her she still sort of defended him. Amu you’re so good! ^_^ Now you teach that kid a lesson! XDDD — or not.


IKUTOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~ <333333333 *melts*

I’m so happy to see you playing a nice tune again! It’d be MUCH better if I can hear it. 😀 And you do it so sexily again, are you trying to pheromone us?! >__<  I’m sure the tone is really nice once we hear it in the anime! The question is, when will that be? ;___;

Now I’m really curious about who Hikaru really is; you know? Background information and such. I think that’s going to be explained by Tsukasa in the next chapter. But so far we know that the missing page of the book might be with Hikaru.

love_berrish_ch_08Love Berrish! ch. 08

OMGeeeeeeeee~ <3333 I just frickin’ LOVE these two! ^________^ It’s probably one of my favorite shoujo mangas – EVER! >w<

Yeah, sure I’m not being serious in reviewing this chapter because my fangirling instincts are getting the better of me and my fangirl heart. Gahh I’m feeling like a 5 yr. old again XD

The whole concept of the chapter was either funny or touching. Touching because Yuuya says that that the Raspberry Dorm is finally being recognized other than being looked down upon and the others says that they’re happy Yuuya feels the same. Funny because of Yuuya and he so-called misfortunes 😆 Gahh I love this! *huggles* I’m making this sound so overrated no? Well, I dunno, it’s up to you to decide. Read it and find out! Roflmao XD Nana Haruta is one of my favorite shoujo mangakas so I’m being biased~~~

I can’t wait for the scanlations to get faster now that I’m reminded of my fangirling for Love Berrish T_____T. When will we ever get to the last chapter which I found so cute when I read the summary?! ;______; Gahh. Damn you Tokyopop Germany! Why can’t Tokyopop USA license this also!? *cries*


Kimi to Koi ni Ochiru Mahou de ch. 4-6 (END)

You probably haven’t heard about this shoujo manga if you’re not a reader of Chiba Kozue’s works but you should try it! It’s only 6 chapters long, that wouldn’t hurt would it? Plus you’d see cute bread and stuff.

Call this your bakery romance and it’s good! Not enough(it could have been expanded) but it’s still great! The ending was cute as it is, though. Lmao, probably the reason why I loved this series is because I love baking and pastries! Especially if they have those cute designs X3.

Gahh. I’m so worn out. =___= Right now, I’m downloading the RAWs of Love Berrish but it’s only up to chapter 19, does anyone know where I can find even just the raws of chapter 20 and 21? It’s a must see for me. >___< <33


4 Responses to “Weekly Manga – “A Marriage Interview!?””

  1. 1 kanzeon May 6, 2009 at 10:43 am

    Shouri no Akuma really is weird.. lol XD. I ignored the second chapter already since the first chapter is too confusing (lol to be really honest, I’ll prefer it more off as a yuri instead of a trap manga -__-)… So yeah, it’s weird (in a bad way IMO) and confusing. There’s some other trap manga I’ve read that I felt more better than this (like Kiken Junai DNA and Kimi to Himitsu no Hanazono).

    Lol I love Love Berrish as well~ Both of them looks so cute together ^^. Though I’m quite lost now with the scanlations since I downloaded all the raws T_T (silly me who can’t even understand them but dl’d it anyway since I’m too impatient XD).

    OMG I LOVE Chiba Kozue’s works!!! I have read the last few chapters of Kimi Kimi to Koi ni Ochiru Mahou de and the ending was cute ^^. I could have wished for more but.. uhh, yeah XD. Just like any other works of her, it’s short but it’s something light and sweet to read. My other fave of her is 24 Colors ^^.

    • 2 kirapika May 8, 2009 at 9:47 am

      Lol, well, it’s not that bad for me even though it’s weird but sometimes you just can’t help but think twice before reading it ==__== Trap mangas are fun ^__^

      OH YES! Nagisa and Yuuya both look so good for each other~~ <33 Yeah, the scanlations are either too slow or they get repeated so many times due to the number of scanlation groups that works at it. Why can’t they just divide the work!? ;;____;; Yeah, I know patience is a virtue but I can’t help but be so impatient when it comes to what I like. XP

      OMG ME TOO >___< Yes, not the super-cute type but it was satisfyingly cute~ Her works are light-hearted and is easy to read but still so great. Ooh~ I like 24 Colors too XD

  2. 3 Rin May 27, 2009 at 2:30 am

    dude(I tend to say dude a lot), i’m with u for thinking the guy asami’s going to marry might be akira. i was relieved when i found out he was a guy, b/c otherwise i wouldn’t be readin it. (I don’t like yuri/shoujo-ai)

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