Episodic Blogging is Crazy! XD


Lol, I was playing around photoshop a while ago and decided to do this uh.. chibi-thingy? roflmao. You’ll be seeing that quite often.

Anyways, up to the point. I’m not doing so much episodic blogging anymore because.. it’s crazy. I’ll guess I’ll just blog an episode when I actually have something to say about it that is different to what I’m always saying. XP Thou that also depends on my mood, there’s a big chance that I blog about things when I’m in the mood (ex. Love Berrish: Last Chapter)! :3 Posts about anime, manga and other stuff can appear randomly when I’m in the moooood. That’s the main purpose in my blog, RANDOMNESS. 😆 I’d be mostly doing animanga-related stuff and when I’m the jazz to blog about it I will if not, I won’t.

On the other hand, I’m loosing my touch on episodic blogging; the picture-spamming-and-comment type. It’s getting busier for me now so.. short entries for now?

See you around in the blogosphere~♪


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