Manga Corner: “Toothaches aren’t all that bad when you can find love..?”


Lol, it’s me again with the weekly manga! Right now, the varieties have expanded as I was in manga spree lately.. : Lol I kind of changed the title and it’s Manga Corner now XP

Manga Corner Includes:

  • Mushibana
  • Momo ch. 08
  • Boku Kara Kimi ga Kienai ch. 04
  • Bishounen no Oheya ch. 03
  • NG Boy x Paradise ch. 04
  • Zenbu Chodai ch. 03
  • Monochrome Shounen Shoujo

Yeah, everything I read this week was purely shoujo. =__=;; But nevertheless, these mangas are really recommendable if you’re looking for something shoujo that’s  good to read. I was in a hype when I found out the updates because these series are one of those which releases that I’m totally waiting for. lmao XD

Also, I’ve read Watashi ni xx Shinasai ch. 1 but I’m not going to include it yet in here because I’m going to make a different post for it, being a first impression and all.. :3

When I was reading them, a thought came into my mind as to why shoujo can be so predictable most of the time. I guess it’s just because I’ve been reading too much shoujo mangas these days but sometimes plot lines enter in my head on how this series could’ve been better or so.. I dunno, it’s like I want to read something new where the plot is a whole lot different than usual. XD It’s either that or I’m just being a bitch about the issue. XP


Dou Danjo!? – Mushibana

This was one cute oneshot included in the Dou Danjo!? story. I love it so much! lmao. I mean, if you can find love the way she did then toothaches wouldn’t be that bad, don’t you think? X3


Kyaaaahh! *glomps Yuuta* >:3

This is one of those oneshots that would make you want to ask for more even if it’s already enough. I mean, you can’t expect this to be prolonged that much because it’s better off being just a oneshot. Yuka and Yuuta are really cute and hilarious even as a couple. Read it and you’ll find out!

The main story ain’t that bad also but I prefer this one because it’s sweet, as in candy sweet…! :>


Momo ch. 08

UGHHHH. That flirty bitch! Stop trying to seduce Nanagi! DDDD:<

I hate her so much that I want to strangle her to death! Argghhh! >.<

Anyways, this chapter could’ve been good if it weren’t for that girl! What’s her name again? It’s so unimportant that my brain decided to forget it. Hahahaha. >:D

The thing I loved the most about this chapter is that we know that Momo prefers Yume than that girl but she just can’t interfere because that’s a rule even from the start.  Also, Momo even comes over to Yume’s house/apartment and they spend quality time together! Awww.. isn’t that nice..? >w<

BUT, the moment was ruined as the next day, that girl comes over to Yume’s and asks for Momo and she’s making Yume feel low-class when she keeps on boasting about the good things that she will show Momo; only for us to find out that she’s up to something no good.

I’ve seen the chinese raws(meaning, I didn’t understand it XP) of chapter 9 and.. (highlight if you want to see the spoiler! )  it’s so great that that bitch got what she deserved, bitchslap! HAHA. >:3 Poor Momo though because of that girl’s treatment to her.. And you know what, I can’t help but kyaaa-ing in the scene where Nanagi sort of saved Yume while she was in the ocean trying to get the bracelet that the girl threw out. I can’t wait for the next chapters! (end of spoiler!)


Boku Kara Kimi ga Kienai ch. 04

This was such a shocking chapter! And it makes me want to see more! Gawd, I need to find raws now.. >3< lmao. XD

You may be wondering, why am I so shocked? Then see for yourself. Seeeeeee? :3 I know this isn’t in the smut category but why does that look smutty? XD

Anyways, IMO, I think Hikaru’s just being dishonest with her feelings, I mean why keep saying that you like that teacher when obviously you’re feeling something for Kousuke? Also, I know she’s being a good friend to Yukako or whatever but you know, I’m sure that friend of her would understand, right? Hmm… the weird thing about this is that Kousuke is such a umm.. forceful guy! I mean, he kissed her like that! No, I don’t think forceful is the word for that because hormones act out crazy when you’re in love. 😛 And that doesn’t exclude Kousuke. XD


Bishounen no Oheya ch. 03

Honestly, I don’t know what to say about this chapter. The only thing that made me read it is because it’s been hanging for so long and I’d like to see what happens.

Yes, this one is a good example of what smut is. Here and there you can find smut scenes but in the end they tell each other that they have mutual feelings. And it’s not the end yet! Both Itsuki and Koyuki are so tsuntsun when it comes to their feelings that sometimes, their so called ‘fights’ are getting repitative already!


NG Boy x Paradise ch. 04


Hehe, this is one of those series that I can’t help but love so much to the core! Nyaaaa~ :3 Manato x Miu x Mahiro FTW! <333

I am addicted, am I? 🙂 This series is TOTALLY reccomended if you’re looking for something nice to read. Yessshh, it’s a love tri.

I was kind of shocked in this chapter that Miu says to herself that she’s fallen in love with Mahiro. Look at Manato’s expression! Is that jealousy or what? It’s another example of a shoujo-cliche, yes but this is unexpectedly good! I’m guessing she ends up with Manato? I dunno, either is good for me and I’m not taking sides but based on manga experience she’s most likely to end up with a character like Manato… I can’t wait to see more. >:3

Oh yeah, that reminds me.. I found chinese(ughh. why not jap!?) raws of this yet I haven’t skimmed through it.. XD


Zenbu Chodai ch. 03

I don’t know why but I can’t help but love Kurumatani Haruko-sensei’s works – smutty or not. Plus, I love her art too! >_< You don’t know how happy I was when I saw that this got updated~ Really, why are series like these so underrated or somewhat not treated as ‘important’?!

Anyhow, this was a pretty good chapter. With the arrival of another person who’s said to be as equaly good as Ozora Ren, Sakura can’t help but be intrigued again. Hehe, I don’t know why this girl is so full of herself and I still don’t find it that annoying XD. This chapter is <33, especially the latter parts, fangirling is the least you can do! XP

Zenbu_Chodai_03_01See? :3

It’s great to see Kurumatani Haruko-sensei with a series that even without smut, it’s still pretty good. I don’t know but I can’t remember the last manga she did(that I read or is reading) that isn’t smut. XP Oh wait, I think this is sort-of smut too because of the ways of kissing in here but it’s not the wild smut type. 😛 Meh, mangaupdates says it’s not smut so there! XD

Now I’m really wondering if that new guy(well, he isn’t technically new but he just appeared in this chapter for the first time) will be part of the plot too or he’s just there for the chapter only.. hmmm.. I can’t wait for more, >w<~

..and finally..




OMFG! I can’t explain why but I totally LOVE it when I read it. >/////< It started out as a oneshot but thankfully, Ryoko Fukuyama-sensei decided to add more chapters in it, YAY!

And lookie, I can see shipping! >w< Heehee~

The oneshot has been scanlated my Midnight Scans but the other chapters are still in raws.. awww. Yeah, I’m not sure if there is real romance here but so far I’m shipping Kureha and Ukyou the black phanther?(uhh.. no this isn’t his name, I kind of forgotten). 😛

Anyways, this was included for fangirling purposes only, wait `til I make a post about this manga in the future. ^w^

And, that’s about it for my manga corner this week! Hope you are able to check out these series while you’re at it. 😀


6 Responses to “Manga Corner: “Toothaches aren’t all that bad when you can find love..?””

  1. 1 thezean May 16, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    LMAO. I never tried reading most of the manga series you featured here. I must give it a try, they all sound interesting. 🙂

  2. 3 saphira May 18, 2009 at 4:34 am

    i loveee shoujo romanceessss
    but only the ones with good art like love berrish and such can u or anyone recommend me some mangs with cute good art pleaseeee
    i think ive read them all so im dying here please and thankyou♥=]

  3. 4 saphira May 18, 2009 at 9:46 am

    i loveee shoujo romanceessss
    but only the ones with good art like love berrish and such can u or anyone recommend me some mangs with cute good art pleaseeee
    i think ive read them all so im dying here please and thankyou♥=]

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