Watashi ni xx Shinasai! ch. 01 – Fall in love with me!


Ice queens.. popular playboys.. fake love that is surely to turn into a real one .. cellphone novels..

It’s here! Watashi ni xx Shinasai! (Do xx to me!)’s first chapter is here! Now get up and go read this one now. X3

Though I wasn’t expecting that much from it when I first heard of it, I’m actually quite surprised on how it turned out. It’s very interestingly intriguing. ^__^ I mean, if you read Ema Tooyama’s works then you’d notice that this one is taking a different turn. Not that it doesn’t have cliche elements(because it soooo does) but if you observe our heroine this time, she totally rockzzz! XP She’s not your typical sort-of moe heroine that you usually see in Tooyama-sensei’s works. Ice queens(good ones) ftw! XP

Somehow I can’t really decipher the plot right now but as far as I know, she wants to experience love so she can write about it right? Now my shipping senses are telling me that this ain’t going to be an act any longer in the future. It’s always like that. I just hope that Tooyama-sensei will interpret this happenings in a cute way. And by cute I meant fangirl-worth cute. ^w^

Gahh it’s only the first chapter but I’m getting so much theories already! o.O xDDD

Summary: Yukina Himuro is the so-called ‘Absolute Zero Snow-woman at her school’ for having a cold personality and almost everyone is afraid of her because of rumours of what will happen if she stares at you. Unbestknown to them, she’s actually Yupina, the super famous cellphone novel writer and she also uses them as basis for her characters! Due to the public demand of having stories that focus more on love, Yukina decides that she will do a love story! The problem is.. how could she write a love story when she hasn’t experienced love at all..?

This is where Shigure Kitami enters the scene. Due to a discovery that has been found out by Yukina, of him being a secret playboy who thinks of girls as a leisure, she blackmails him into going along with her plan. What exactly is her plan? To make him fall in love with her! Well, not technically but make her feel how it’s like to be in love. He’s reluctant but what can he do? This is the start of  the ‘fake’ love between the ice queen and the playboy..


Really, now that I’ve read it for myself, I couldn’t help but be awed by the premise. Yeah it sounded boring at first but when you read it you’ll actually be enticed to read more! And don’t you just love our heroine this time..? Yukina ftw! I love characters like these, someone who’s actually mature and not-so giggly. *huggles Yukina~*

OMFG. I can never do this kind of thing to a teacher, most specially the most nasty one! This is one great thing about Yukina, she’s so brave like she doesn’t care at all what may happen to her. Kind of like go-with-the-flow thing? I don’t know but really, you go girl! I wish I was like this but in real life, well in my life but I think that also happens, if you do something like this to a teacher, detention is what you would totally get. XD Not that I’ve experienced that before but I see things~

Again, I shall lol at the embarrassment that the teacher must’ve felt~ XD

I like Yukina and all but if I were in those two’s shoes I’d totally be freaked out too. I mean, staring can be of different reasons and these reasons aren’t always good. I guess that’s a thing about total ice queens, they get judged all the times. Though if I knew that she was observing us because of the cellphone novel thing then I wouldn’t worry as much. 😛

Btw, I don’t know what’s up with Akira and that eyes-are-not-showing but I can feel that he’s going to a plot device here. I mean, he’s always the one Yukina asks opinions to right? Hmm.. eyes seen or not, Akira looks cute~ lmao Melon Pan! <33 *ish reminded of Shana* Now I’m hyped up to see more of Akira x3

Man that’s one popular cellphone novel! 😆 I know cellphone novels are popular among them but I never thought it’s be that popular! I mean, WOW. Yukina must have a great talent when it comes to writting novels.. now if only she could be more social. XP

I remember once dreaming about being a romance novelist but I was awakened and I realized that that is not what I’m really much good at. Thinking of plots is my hobby but not exactly writting them…

SHIGUREEEEEEEEE! <333 If you add a fang into his mouth he’d look so much like a cat; maybe that’s what attracts me to him because I love cats >w< So there, your hero of the story!

And wow, he sure is one popular boy. Why is it that in shoujo mangas, it’s a MUST that the hero is a popular and handsome guy? Not that I’m complaining because I don’t know what my reaction will be to a manga whose main boy is not popular or handsome.. but I’m just saying. ^__^ Even for an ice queen, a total loser or just a nobody.. who wouldn’t fall for such guy? That is unless the personality is bad but you know it depends.. there’s this what you call a love/hate relationship..

See that reaction? That’s what happens in most shoujo manga, the hero falls in love with the heroine mostly because she isn’t one of his fangirls or so BUT I think in this manga, this isn’t what’s going to happen. I’m happy that this will be some different take than the usual cliche road/plot that some/most shoujo mangas take. XP

It’s a mystery how I don’t get tired of most cliches; it’s like it’s the cliches that’s even a bigger hit. 😛 Of course, not the cliche cliche but the cliche that has other additional elements in it that makes it even more enjoyable and worthwhile to read.

GO YUKINA! *cheers*

That’s all I can say right now. Actually, even though it’s just the first chapter.. I’m already awaiting for the ending XDDD I mean, I want to know what’ll happen and stuff. Hopefully her cellphone novel will be featured because if it’s Yukina/Yupina then I’m sure it’d be great! >u< It’s like what I felt when I first read Arisa only a little lower level of anticipation because Arisa is even more awesomeness dechuu~ ❤

*le gasps~* When I saw this scene for the first time I got this totally bad vibes or hunches that Shigure might be up to no good and it was true! He left his student notebook and Yukina found it and discovered that it contained the name of the girls in his class who confessed to him and only Yukina’s name wasn’t checked! Gahh this playboy! I can’t bring myself to really hate him because he’s evil-y adorable! >.<

BUT when I heard him say this about his playboying, I can’t help but be irritated but just a little bit. It’s almost always like this in manga like this right? Not much harm done but I kinda pity those girls.. aww.. but MEH. That’s how I like my manga heroes, badboy-types. Nyahahahaha~ >:3 And what’s more is that Yukina’s in no intention to lose! Ahh I love my mains here~

Like seriously, Shigure might be a playboy but he’s cute! It’d be 10x worse if the guy isn’t even that good-looking and he turns out to be a playboy right? Wait, does that even happen!?

NYANYAHAHAHAHA~ (:< Blackmail is the best. retort. ever. GO YUKINA! lmao. XD That’s what you get when you decide to play with little girls hearts. I know this is irony or so but Watashi ni xx Shinasai itself could be a good cellphone novel amongst those girls in this manga XD Don’t you think?

I really must praise Yukina for this blackmail trick~ Tough heroines are FTW! as always ^^ Ditzy, naive and giggly heroines, if not mostly are somewhat irritating. It’s refreshing to see a heroine who can not only stand-up for herself but is also strong-willed and of course is not an airhead. 😛

Now that’s surprising. There’s nothing wrong with it but it’s really surprising. I never thought she’d say it so straightforwardly! But then again, she’s Yukina. XD This is where even more excitement rushed through me. Now I’m really wondering how this whole thing will happen and will it work out? She only wants to feel loved right? Though if you want to feel loved then it should be an honest one.. hmmm.. I wonder..

I WANNA SEE MOAR RABU-RABU(fake or not) NAO. D:< *demands*

I know it just come by chance that he was the only one she could ask at that time but was it really just a coincidence and therefore random only? She could’ve chosen other guys but why him? Meh. That’s what’s going on in my mind when I first heard of the premise. Yes, the premise not the chapter itself.

It’s hard enough to be with someone you don’t like, what else if you still need to pretend? I’m sure Shigure’s in shock for this though he’s a playboy(although secretly) right? He should be able to handle this… we hope. ^^ I’m not that much addicted to Ema Tooyama-sensei’s works but this has got to be the best – so far.

Gee Shigure, you sure are kind of a tsuntsun; you totally ruined the mood! *pouts* Still, it’s blantly obvious that this is giving some effect on you too.XP Why don’t you just go along with Yukina? I know you want to. Hopefully by the next chapters we get even more character development because it is so needed. 😐

I’m awed that a face like Shigure can have that attitude. XD Somehow, he’s like a mixture of Hinata and Teru from KKNIY! from looks and personality..  and when it’s a colored version, Yukina doesn’t remind me of any of Ema Tooyama’s characters. Even so, I can’t point my finger on who but she just reminds me of someone. >3<

All in all, it was a pretty great first chapter. It makes me want to read more of it even though it’s not the Arisa level of anticipation X3 The plot is awe-ness because I like seeing stories like these *ish biased* ^w^ Honestly, why can’t it be June 3 already?! Oh wait, no, I can wait! *doesn’t want school to start yet*

And with that.. I leave you with this:


Let me hear your comments about this first chapter too ^__^~


6 Responses to “Watashi ni xx Shinasai! ch. 01 – Fall in love with me!”

  1. 1 iCAFEsuu May 19, 2009 at 2:00 am

    *Fangirl scream~!*
    The first chapter of wxxs was so adorable >wu<~ She’s so blunt and has badass blackmail skills =w=b But the fact is despite Yukina looks so cool and mature. Saying all those dokidoki things out loud probably meant she doesn’t know I think about love~(as stated) so “innocently-fierce.” Which made Kitami embarrassed, which gives more shipping. =u= Y

    Also other theories~
    I think one of the reasons she made Kitami her “partner” was because if they start dating, then Kitami can’t play any more girls! Yukina, such good intentions O<~

  2. 2 Xiao Jie May 19, 2009 at 7:57 am

    YEA! Ice queens FTW, yo! XD

    Haha I really like Yukina…well, for all the reasons you stated! It’s a very nice break from the usual moe-moe heroine in shoujo. She’s misunderstood but in reality, I don’t think she cares much cuz then she can’t have fun observing people. Lol Yea! I mean, usually these types of characters seem pretty lonely because of their differences that separate them from other people but I don’t get that vibe from Yukina. She seems pretty content with herself…and she has a good friend in Akira, whom I also think is pretty cool.

    …argh, Akira. I couldn’t tell at first cuz I couldn’t see his uniform but I thought he was guy because of how his bangs looked (aww, that’s so cute to me :D), then I thought he was a girl…but he really was a guy. ^^; But I don’t care. I like him either way. Lol xD;
    And yesh~, the melon pan~! X3

    Ooo, this got me very interested in cellphone novels. They’re kinda like e-books, then? Or better? I dunno. But who cares? You get it on your phone! *wants a new phone now* xDDD
    Ahh…I really should get back to writing now that I think about it. I miss it so much. 😥

    I’m not too big on Shigure. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the cliché that the main and popular guy will fall for a girl who isn’t one of his fangirls but I feel like there’s nothing special about him that I can like. Not even his secret jerky play boy side (and no, hun, I don’t think it’s even permitted for non-good-looking boys to be playboys XD; ). I hope I’m proven wrong, though, cuz I’m not liking a lot of main guys in my shoujo manga lately coughSHKcough.

    Hmm, but their little fake love will definitely be interesting whether I support the YukinaxShigure shipping or not. I know that it seems pretty much settled that they’ll get together in the end (or at least there’s a grade-A chance of it happening) but I want to see how their “relationship” will go. And of course, Yukina will totally be in control cuz she has the evidence! Hohoho~ Awesome! The girl tops! xDDDD

    In other random side notes, I’m curious to know what Yukina actually writes about that made her novel so popular. I think this will be revealed to us later on. So far, she’s covered things like “chasing your dreams” and “friendship”, right? Haha, hopefully, Ema-sensei will show us how she’s progressing with the romance part. That should be fun~ x3

    Thanks for the awesome review! I can’t wait for the next chapter, too! ^^

  3. 3 wingstodust May 21, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    lol, I share your opinion with being surprised on how well it turn out. I had really low expectations when I first heard of it, but after reading the chapter, it does have a lot of potential~

    Btw, I don’t know what’s up with Akira and that eyes-are-not-showing but I can feel that he’s going to a plot device here.

    Yeah, I think he’ll end up being a plot device too. ToT Which sucks, because I’m always a firm believer of ‘if you’re going to put a character here make full use of him/her! don’t just use them for the main character’s development’. But that’s like the one minor problem, overshadowed by the fun I had with this chapter so far.

    As for Shigure, the whole he’s-secretly-a-playboy thing was pretty obvious from the way it was all set up. =/ While that type of male lead usually pisses me off, I actually have a weakness for those relationships that start off with blackmail. Soooo, will be looking forward to how Yukina uses him, kukuku. =DDD

    Hmm, about your question about why she picked Shigure, I think it’d because since he’s a playboy who doesn’t take romantic feelings seriously, she won’t feel bad for using him in order to write her cellphone novel, and not really for any reasons deeper than that. But that’s just my opinion. ^^;

    I hope the mangaka explores the whole cellphone novel thing. That’s honestly the biggest selling point of this series for me. =D

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