Weekly Anime: Black & White, Christmas and Angst…?

Isn't that such a cute scene~?

Screw the ugleh title XP I liked the episodes in today’s Weekly Anime! Haha. It’s like a whole serving of mega chocolate cake in front of me! Ohohoho~ I only had the chance to watch all these yesterday and today and I still have tons of animes to watch and catch-up on(Winter and Fall animes)! But still, these are my current loves~

Weekly Anime Includes:

  • Pandora Hearts ep. 07
  • Eden of the East ep. 06
  • Hatsukoi Limited ep. 06
  • K-On! ep. 07
  • Saki ep. 07

By the way, sorry for the crappy summaries that I’ve done. ^w~ It’s still understandable though..

Pandora Hearts ep. 07

Summary: [spoiler]After being successful on flunking an attack from a Baskerville, Oz and the gang encounters one of Alice’s memories -seeing a loli Alice running towards a blonde man who is recognized by/recognizes Gil and all of a sudden, after the memory shatters, they find themselves in the Abyss.  They see Alice tied up in chain by the will of the abyss who is in shape of a rabbit doll. Even after hearing the threat of the Will of the Abyss, Oz insists on being with Alice and it got mad and tried to devour Oz but thankfully, Raven was able to shoot the rabbit and they were able to return back. At the end, they show us a preview of someone who looks like Alice but with white hair!? Who is she and what does she have to do with them..?[/spoiler]

– * * –

ZOMG! It’s white Alice! So.. she makes an appearance huh? I’m really curious on seeing her more now as I haven’t reached that part of the manga. Maybe, it’s just them showing us a preview of white Alice and she won’t exactly appear in the next episode yet? Meh. I don’t know but whenever she will make her ‘true appearance’, I’m going to look out for it. Why? Because plot twists and turns are always fun ^__^

Setting that aside, the episode, although it disappointed me with the sort-of crappy animation, was really a good watch. I don’t know why I like it but seeing Oz in that ‘brave’ and somewhat ‘mature’ state makes me want to glomp unto him! X3 Also.. did anyone of you notice that in the manga, Oz was the one who shot that rabbit doll but in the anime it was Gil right? How disappointing that was. >3< And to think that that and his expression was what I was waiting to see in the anime – so far. 😐 *sigh*

And that blonde guy who was in Alice memory.. do you have any ideas on who he might be? I’m thinking that it may be Oz’ father, Jack since Gil can recognize him and after all the speculations that I hear everywhere I can’t help but be brought to the same conclusion at that. As every episode goes, I can’t help myself but to read the manga(even though I’m busy) and read some spoilers to be a little aware of what’s happening because being curious of what’s next is always the first thing that comes to my mind after I finished watching an episode. 😛

Man this show is just underrated awesomeness!

Eden of the East ep. 06

That’s one cool display(or whatever)! It’s a cat! Nyaaa~ <33 I love this show! XD I mean, look at him.. living in a shopping mall! That must be one superb thing he has everything! Gawddd I’m so envious already. D: *smacks self*



  • We see a man, who I believe is Ohsugi because of his Saki keychain, who is captured by none other than our resident “Johnny Taker”, Shiratori. She threatens him that his “Johnny” will be gone soon by showing him a demonstration on how she does it with her cigarette cutter. She wasn’t able to continue because of a phone call that required her to go to somewhere.
  • Saki calls her older sister and tells her that she won’t be going home that day and will be staying over a Micchon’s because she cannot fave Ryousuke(her brother-in-law) after what just happen to her aka failing to get a job meaning she needs to depend on them more.. Sh tried to call Ohsugi to apologize for ditching him but she was interrupted by Micchon.
  • The next day, Saki informs the group about Akira and tells them that he wants to help. With suspicions and interests stirred up, they decide to visit Akira at his shopping mall home. While the others were outside already, Hirasawa was informed by Kasuga of what happened the night before with Ohsugi and Hirasawa orders him to try and track Ohsugi.
  • When they reach Akira’s home, they’re shocked to see it as a shopping mall. When they came in, both girls, Micchon and that older lady were over-excited with the content of the shopping-mall. When they do get to meet Akira, Hirasawa questions him on what he plans to do and why he’s helping them. After Akira explains, Hirasawa tells hihow the Eden of the East started out to be but then he still doesn’t want Akira’s help. It was only due to Saki, who wanted to participate, who pushes him to agree with Akira.
  • While Akira and Micchon were placing fireworks in the courtyard as Saki and the others while watching the festivities, Hirasawa is contacted by Kasuga and tells him that he discovered an image board discussion about someone who was taken hostage by the “Johnny Taker” and he suspects it to be Ohsugi. Hirasawa tells him to send him the url of the image board.


-* *-

To begin with, the episode isn’t exactly that interesting because it lacks action! It was more on the conversation side of things and believe me, even if you do like this show so much, you’d get somewhat bored over hearing the conversations BUT you don’t want to miss any info because if you do then there’s little chance that you’ll be able to solve the mystery that this show has. Everything is a clue, that’s what I can say.

Anyways, on Shiratori.. wow, I cannot believe that she has targetted over 20,000 “Johnnies” already! XD That’s slutty fierce! I don’t know why but I can’t pity Ohsugi much right now, because he’s not really that much of a main character. Yes, biaseddddd. I sound awful but that’s true, who’s the guy the decided to drown his problems into alcohol, got drunk and now has himself a live or die situation? Him. You can’t exactly put the blame on Saki in this one; he should have given up on her but fate is cruel…

This has got to be the greatest entrace EVAH. 😆

Aside that cute thingy, I really wonder how Akira manages to live in that shopping mall he calls a house. 😐 Well, if you have 8 billion yen then what would be the problem right? He just has to ‘save’ Japan and he’ll be able to win the game.. but there’s always a twist! Right now, the Selecao we are focusing is our resident slut, Shiratori! Say, she may me a slut but she’s fierce. XD

Hatsukoi Limited ep. 06

When you receive a gift like that, will you be insulted or what?

This is probably another thing that I was waiting for to get animated in the anime. >:3 Christmas Date! Nyahahaha. I don’t like Kusuda that much except for his humor but if you put him together with Kei it’d be as if he never was a kappa-face. *smacks self for being a critic* They’re probably if not the best, one of the best pairings here in Hatsukoi Limited. *nods*

Sogabe and Kusuda suggests a Christmas gathering to the girls and upon knowing that Zaitsu-kun(forced) was coming, Ayumi agreed on their behalf. Koyoi and Dobashi said that there wouldn’t be able to attend due to some previous arrangements with other people. Having no appointments on that day, Kei and Chikura agrees to come also. Both Ayumi and Sogabe suggest for a gift exchange during the event so Kei is thinking of what she should give to Kusuda. On the store she spots a scarf and thinks if it will be a good gift and coincidentally, Kusuda was also shopping there. He is holding pink gloves that Kei assumes as the gift he would be giving at the party. Due to an arguement she insulted him and his taste in gifts causing him to leave and not buy the gloves. She feels awful to what she’s done that they’ve even been ignoring each other. When she finds out from Ayumi that people think she likes the color pink, she feels even more awful and thinks that maybe, just maybe, the gloves was for her.

On the day of the 24th, things turned to an unexpected point. Because Mamoru and Ayumi left due to an accident of someone portraying Santa, and Chikura wasn’t able to come for she is sick, causing Sogabe to worry and go back… Kei and Kusuda are left..alone.  Kusuda was about to leave but Kei insisted that they just go eat somewhere without them because it would just be a waste if they cancel the whole thing. After eating, Kusuda runs off to the park and plays with the snow, Kei is forced to follow him. Frustrated, she throws a snowball to him. This causes him to get mad and tell her to leave him alone. She did not leave but she threw him her gift which was the scarf that she was looking at at the store. He then gives her his present to her and it’s revealed to be a Santa Claus outfit that is very revealing. She apologizes to him and tells him that the pink gloves would really suit her and to her surprise, he bought them afterall! He gave it to her and she tried them on saying it does suit her and she forces him to wear the scarf that she bought. In the end we see Kei trying out the costume that Kusuda gave her only to be discovered by her big sister. [/spoiler]

-* *-

Really, those two are <33333. It may seem very unlikely in real life but what do we care, it’s anime, anything can happen right? Haha.

Actually, I’m anticipating for every episode of Hatsukoi Limited because this is like my only romance anime for this season! lmao XD Yeah, when most people mostly boys :> watch this for the eicchi, I’m proud to say that I watch this because I like the story! Muahahahahaha! >:3

Anyhow, I don’t have much to say about the episode other than me liking it because there’s nothing I can complain about in here. XD Oh wait, I do have something to say, but it’s not a complain. XD The parts where Kei’s sister, Yuu, catches her doing something is so funny XD I don’t know why Kei is mature-looking while her older sister is not but it’s always the catch right? Hehe.

K-On! ep. 07

Look! It’s another Christmas episode! X3 But apparently, this Christmas episode isn’t half as serious as the former because it’s full of lolz and craziness! *laughs like an idiot* And also, in this episode, it makes me even more adept with the characters and what I think about them.. you know first impressions can change but sometimes things just stays the same..  *shrugs*

Summary: [spoiler]It’s Christmas time with our K-On! gang and Ritsu has decided for them to celebrate and have a party. The party ends up happening at Yui’s house with Nodoka invited. Sawako-sensei sneaked her way in and explained that she should be there because she is still their adviser. The night was fun and they were playing games and exchanging gifts. When the party ended, it all started to snow.

During the New Years, they all go to the temple. They go there in casual clothes except for Mio who’s in a pretty kimono, thinking that Ritsu would also be wearing a kimono for asking her if she would. They all pray for different things and Ritsu says that they should pray again and this time, for the success of their club at the new year.[/spoiler]

Jeez. Why does my summary sound even more crappier than before? 😐

_* *_

This episode just proved how much I love Ritsu more than Mio. Of course, I like Mio too but unlike others, I think Ritsu has more character. I’m loosing my aweness for Mio being so mature eversince the whole super-moe thing happened. It’s unlikely but I’m in thought that Yui’s better than Mio! Yeah, it’s like that. :O

Anyways, I liked this episode because it showed the sisterly-bond between Yui and Ui. Yui may not be the best onee-chan but it’s obvious that behind that dumb act, she’s still a caring sister. As for Ui, she’s just awesomeness and so mature! It reminds me of Yakumo from School Rumble XD

I’m excited for the next episode~ Hehe. Why? Because.. as far as I know, it’s Azusa’s appearance! lmao XD

Saki ep. 07

All hail thy penguin! *bows* 😛

Summary: [spoiler] Continued from the previous episode, it’s finally Nodoka’s turn, as vice-captain, to play against her other opponents in the Elimination round and she brought her toy penguin with her! This caught the audience’s attention and wonders what it may be from. During the game, Touka was observing Nodoka and how her play was similar to Nodocchi’s – a popular online mahjong player. Nodoka won the game and through her play style, Touka was able to conclude that she was Nodocchi. She left and reported it to the other players of Ryumonbucchi. While they were talking they overheard a crowd talking about the last game and how she ended the game. They were all shocked to hear about the fifth player and they were all alarmed about Saki.

On the other hand, Kazekoshi Girls High won their game but their coach wasn’t contented, and reminded them of their defeat in the previous year. Afterwards, Kazekoshi’s captain tells her group that they will do their best and they will strive to beat Ryumonbucchi in the championship the next day.


_* *_

You know what, this episode had a lot of potential, but I’m not exactly contented. I personally think that they should have showed us how Saki’s game went but if it was for the suspense on seeing how Saki will perform during her battle with Amae Koromo then it’s fine.

It’s the Kazekoshi’s Captain!

Hehe, I keep on forgetting her name but I’m sure I’ll find out again later on.. she’s a mystery! *fake gasps*

I’m so intrigued by her! It’s like, she has a power beyond that always closed eye XD She’s actually one of my favorite characters in the manga because she’s so kind and her skills are good! That’s why I’m looking forward to see the championship round and how they will portray how she plays in the anime.

_* *_

Obviously, I can’t wait for the next episodes but I’m thankful that today is a wednesday. Nothing-much-to-do day! lmao XD I can finally take time and continue reading Pandora Hearts from where I left it and maybe start on reading 07-Ghost too. I’m supposed to be finishing ANTM c. 12 right now but I think I’ll hold on that later and then make my super-long complain, blabber, rant post about it. X3


5 Responses to “Weekly Anime: Black & White, Christmas and Angst…?”

  1. 1 kanzeon May 20, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    Oh my God I think that Pandora Hearts is totally underated >..>. So yeah, back on Shiratori, I can’t say I like her, but I must admit that she’s wickedly awesome for being that merciless and badass! *biased to blue haired characters XP*

    And I envy Akira so much for living in a shopping mall. *jealousy stare on that bear*

  2. 2 Lea May 21, 2009 at 2:43 am

    Haha~ Eden of the East now has a random funny side, hm? XDDD
    Akira is too coo. Really. I’m amazed. *0* Shiratori is so effin creepy. Gah~ Maybe it’d be better if her voice wasn’t so low. FFFFFF. XD
    But that was the best entrance ever. Anything Akira does will be epic. =3

    I agree~ Hatsukoi seems like the only good romance show this season. Other may have romance in them, but this one is all romance. And Kei and Kusuda are so cute together~ I loved this episode. It’s so funny to watch them. I want them to become an official couple now~! :’D

    K-On was so cute! The sisterly bonding was adorable. Ui is so mature and awesome. I liked watching Mio and Mugi worrying about weight. The two others really didn’t seem to care at all. XDDD Of course Yui is really… like that. But Ritsu is awesome though. Really. Her episode three scenes made me like her a lot. I still do! =3

    And UMG Saki. So cool.
    You really wouldn’t expect a show like this to be this cool but it is~! I personally want to see Yuki play more because she’s too cute. But that’s just me. XDDD

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