Arisa chap. 05 – The Athletic Festival is Targetted

Could this series be anymore mysterious and suspenseful!?


You think you’ve got it figured out by the end of the fourth chapter huh? Well, think again! This is where Chapter 5 comes in with juicy revelations and even more mysteries to be solved.

So what exactly happened in chapter 5 that make everyone think otherwise? Well, quite a lot exactly. We also find out that this supposedly ‘bad guy’ isn’t the bad guy afterall.. at least we think – so far. And vice versa, suspicions have arisen at the end as how this ‘good girl’ could possibly be the bad girl. And the other suspects just get even more suspected; if you know what I mean.

Of course, due to the intimacy of the suspense these are still all assumptions. Nothing has been proven yet BUT there are quite a few things that we should add up in our ‘mystery list’.



Continuing after the previous chapter, we find Takeru in Manabe’s room looking worried after he sees the traitor card in Manabe’s apartment while Tsubasa and Manabe are in the rooftop with Tsubasa waiting for Manabe to reveal who the King really is. Before Manabe could tell Tsubasa who the King was, there were interrupted by Takeru’s phonecall to Tsubasa saying that he found the same traitor card that Arisa received in Manabe’s apartment. Shocked, Tsubasa asked Manabe if he was the one who sent out the card to Arisa and Manabe says that he did. Remembering Mariko’s statement that it was the King who sends out punishment cards to the traitors, she concludes that Manabe is the King. Before she could say something else, Manabe was supposed to grab her but thanks to Midori’s sudden arrival, he is forced to retreat.

 Tsubasa meets up with Takeru at Manabe’s apartment and Tsubasa confirms that the card he found is the same as the one Arisa received. She them remembers that times she had with Arisa and promise that she will bring her sister’s smile back. She tells Takeru that since the next day’s a Friday, it’s a perfect day to foil Manabe and his plans. The next day, during the fourth period, Manabe isn’t present and it’s King time again and the wish that was granted by the King was to cancel the Athletic Festival in which Arisa is the leader of the girl’s cheering squad. However, there’s a catch: In order for the Athletic Festival to be cancelled, one must get hurt. Even though her other classmates are fine with it, she’s not and tries to put some sense into them by saying that the one who gets hurts may be one of them. They responded with that blank expression and telling her that the King wouldn’t hurt them plus, Mariko adds that the one who the King chooses to hurt must be proud that he can be the King’s hero. On the practices for the Athletic  Festival(AF), their homeroom teacher is excited and pumped up with enthusiasm while the students are just slacking up and saying that practicing would be worthless for the athletic festival will be cancelled after all. Meanwhile, Mariko slipped from where she was jumping and thankfully Tsubasa was able to save her. Mariko compliments her get-up as cheering-squad leader and says that it’s too bad it won’t happen on the AF day itself, Tsubasa tells her that the AF will happen and no one will get hurt.

On the day before the AF, Takeru tells Tsubasa that he asked for his friends to look for Manabe but he hasn’t shown up yet. Tsubasa is sure that Manabe hasn’t given up yet. Thinking of who he might target.. she caught sight of the supplies for the AF, and a thoughts comes to her mind that he might hurt someone indirectly using the supplies. She hurries up and successfully catches him in the supplies storage room and tells him that it’s over now and he can’t hurt anyone anymore. Just after she says that, a glint of light comes into view and she sees a shadow illuminating light from a mirror/glass/something and temporarily blinds that eyes of the teacher causing her to fall. Tsubasa is then shocked to see the shadow who is at the rooftop. She looks back and sees Manabe who tells her to stop being ridiculous. He says that he doesn’t know how she was able to do it and asks if she, Sonoda Arisa is the King. Tsubasa remembers what Arisa said before after her not knowing their secret and her secret..


That. is. so. unexpected. o.O

I know this theory or belief of Manabe have a chance of being true, depending on what Arisa said but I would’ve never though of Arisa being the King. It’s just too unbelievable. Okay, some of you may have had a slight guess that it might be Arisa but really.. Arisa? I honestly think that we shouldn’t have to wait for a month to get the next chapter because of so much suspense but that would be just wrong for the mangaka. 😐

You know what? There were some points in this chapter that I just can’t help but be not serious. XD The shipping fangirl in me can’t help but try to fangirl or what so about things…? *evil laugh* I was lurking around the Mangafox forums the other day and I see people who are in desperate need for romance for this series. Can’t blame them but this series can stand alone without romance at all – honestly.

Still, I see them talking about the ‘possible’ pairings that the series may have. Some of them like the threesome pair, meaning Manabe x Tsubasa x Takeru but  some also like Tsubasa x Manabe and Tsubasa x Takeru on varieties! Oh and some Manabe x Arisa on sides but meh..I don’t have any alms on that pairing, sadly. My big fangirl heart just can’t decide which side to choose so yes, I’m still going with the threesome. :3

 Back on the chapter, I thought that it was too early for Tsubasa to insist that Manabe is the King  just by what he said.  I didn’t quite catch this when I first read the chapter but when I reread it, I noticed something trivial. Manabe, he never really admitted that he was the King, he just admitted that he was the one who sent the card to Arisa! I don’t know if by the end of the chapter Manabe is excluded from the King-possibility (lolwhut?) list, though..

Where does that leave us with? Yes, the question now is why would Manabe send Arisa a traitor card? Haven’t you thought of that too? The only theory I could think of is that Manabe sent the card to Arisa, who he suspects to be the King, to frighten her or tell her that he knows something. In a way or another, that’s possible but by the vibes that I’m getting from Manabe and Arisa, that might not the reason here at all.

OMG this girl! When she’s in that mode, it’s just too freaky! >.< *shivers*

And who’s eyes are those? 😐

Anyhow, if the King wants to have a number one fan then here she is already! *fake enthusiasm* Freaky; this girl is.. Oh wait, the whole class is freaky! :O

Honestly, it may sound mean but it would be much better if Tsubasa didn’t go and save her and she was about to fall but that’s just me. Insensitive little brat in me XP I wonder.. if something happens to them, will they loose their trust to the King?

 Kyaaaaaaaa~ ❤

Wait, wait, wait, why am I fangirling at this really-suspicious-position-and-text-if-you-remove-the-text ? *smacks fangirl self* Is it just me or is Manabe, hot in these scenes lately? heehee~

lmao, Tsubasa is like a fierce goddess who won’t allow her people to get hurt by some threat called the ‘King’. x3 I have a thing for strong heroines because they’re FTW! Remember Yukina from WnxxS? Yup, she’s fierce too! I’m so happy to have my fierce heroines~ ❤ Of course, unlike WnxxS, Arisa is an even more intriguing, mysterious and suspenseful series in so many aspects.


*le gasps~*

Is that the King!?

Way to go with the silhouette effect! Now, another suspense and mystery builds up! Just who is that!? I believe there’s a possibility that that person might be the King. Too bad the silhouette is to scratchy that you can’t guess on who that may be.

 Do you have any suspicions on who this persona may be?


Do you think it may be Midori, Arisa’s boyfriend?


You’ve all seen the splash page no? Have you ever noticed that Midori’s card is the King card? I mean, that could mean something.. there’s no ace card(unless it’s Tsubasa) so why’d he have to have the King card?

Midori’s probably one of the other big suspects on the King’s identity. And yes, I suspect him too. I don’t know if it’s him or not but I feel something wrong everytime he’s around. *shrugs*

[Theory only, just plain suspicions 😐 start]

The theory on this, if you include Arisa, is that it may be her who’s the King and it’s Midori, her boyfriend doing the dirty work for her.. BUT how come the King still responds when Arisa’s in coma? Is it just Midori himself now?

[/Theory only, just plain suspicions 😐 end]

OF COURSE, Midori is not the only suspect – mind you, suspect meaning not the King him/herself. Knowing Ando-sensei’s creative mind, she could add more twist and turns as the story progresses!



BIG shocker of the year.

Not that it’s confirmed but who would’ve thought that Manabe will suspect Arisa to be the King? We know not much about the twists in this story but god, this only makes me want to ask for more and MOAR. :3

I mean.. wow, Arisa? No kidding? Meh, let’s just see in the next chapters. D:

Hmm.. I want the next chapter NAO! *is expecting for answers or if not, more mystery~ X3*

So, what do you think about this latest chapter of Arisa?

So sorry if the layout of the post is kinda distracting; coding problems. OTL.


4 Responses to “Arisa chap. 05 – The Athletic Festival is Targetted”

  1. 1 Xiao Jie May 24, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    I’m siding with twincest. *SHOT* |D; lol I kid, I kid. I really think the need for romance is over-dramatized in all shoujo series so I’m not surprised that they’ll put Tsubasa with the two best guys so far (Arisa’s boyfriend is bleh and too perfect) but really, if all they can think about his shipping and pairings, then they’re not taking the manga for all it’s worth. Meaning they’re not really fans of the manga at all. =P I guess I’m being a little harsh with my opinion but it’s so true in the shoujo genre, it’s hard to ignore.

    But enough of that, back to this chappie…

    Hehe, I agree on Tsubasa. She’s awesome because she is so FIERCE! (god I haven’t said that in a while lol XD; ) and I really like seeing that in a lot of my shoujo heroine these days. I mean, yea, they should occasionally be cute, too (cuz this is shoujo! Girls have to be cute!), but the typical moe ones we always got a few years back would just be annoying now. Gotta see some tough fronts, yea! *nodnod*

    I’m suspecting the goody-goody boyfriend, too (agh, I’m sorry, I wish there was a spoiler tag), but like you, I’m waiting to see what more twists will be added in cuz with all the clues we got out of this chapter (and the cover page), it seems too predictable. I mean, “Arisa” was good in that kept us in suspense so far, right? So for all fingers to be pointing at Midori (and some at Arisa) just make things even more suspicious. Who knows? Maybe the King doesn’t even go to this school and is controlling both Arisa AND Midori. OH! O.O


    But yes, can’t wait for the next chapter. This is getting good! X3

  2. 2 Lea May 26, 2009 at 2:59 am

    All I can say is…

    I think its Arisa and Midori working as a team. XDDDD
    The King card thing really got me thinking. I think its also probably Midori working as the king while Arisa is in a coma.

    Don’t have time for much of a bigger comment, but yeah.

    Oh, and Manabe is hot. XDDDD I agree.

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